2018 Perry Poster Day Winners

Xi Shen (PhD candidate) and C.X. Ma Testing homogeneity of difference of two proportions for stratified correlated paired binary data.

Community Health and Health Behavior - MPH
K. Schmit, A. Judelsohn, S. Raja, A. Sa, H. Orom. Conceptualization of chronic disease risk among refugees from Burma.

Community Health and Health Behavior - Doctoral
Keller, M. Kiviniemi, R. Cadzow, D. Erwin. Positive affect but not negative affect associated with breastfeeding intentions in African American mothers.

Epidemiology and Environmental Health
D. Jacobs, K. Noyes, J. Zhao, W. Gibson, T. Murphy, S. Sethi, H. Ochs-Balcom. Early hospital readmissions following an acute exacerbation of COPD in the Nationwide Readmissions Database.

Exercise and Nutrition Sciences - Undergraduate
J. Schwob, R. Stansbery, L. Russo, D. Hostler. Effectiveness of cold, wet towels as a cooling modality for fireground rehab.

Exercise and Nutrition Sciences - Master’s
C. Chapman, B. Johnson, J. Sackett, M. Parker, Z., Schlader. Renal injury is worsened when consuming a caffeinated soft-drink during and after exercise in the heat.

Department of Rehabilitation Science – Graduate Program/Occupational Therapy
S. Chan, M. Clavell, L. Feinstein, K. Lewis, T. Mones, A. Singh, A. Ray. Activities of daily living following radiation therapy in head and neck cancer.

Rehabilitation Science - Doctoral DPT, PhD
Z. Baker, Z. Yang, K.W. Cho,  L. Cavuoto, W. Xu, J. Langan. Kinematic gait analysis of older adults using SENNO GAIT smartphone app.

Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health
L. Klasko-Foster, D. Erwin, L. Jandorf, M. Kiviniemi. Patterns of change over time for psychosocial constructs in response to a culturally targeted colonoscopy intervention.