The Step Challenge is Back! April 1-30.

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The School of Public Health and Health Professions is hosting the fourth annual Step Challenge! The 2019 challenge is a part of our school's annual National Public Health Week celebrations, taking place during the month of April.

Open to all wishing to participate, the challenge is a fun way to unite the university and greater community while promoting healthy and active lifestyle choices. Participants will be asked to sync or log their individual step counts, with each participant’s submissions contributing towards the collective goal during the month of April. All participants will qualify to win various prizes each week throughout the contest ranging from yoga mats to iPads.

On this page:

Sign up!

Sign up anytime during the month of April.

Create a New MoveSpring Account

All past and new participants must create a new account login and password. Click on the 'I'm new to MoveSpring sign up now' blue button when you Register for the Step Challenge.

If the organization code field is not already prepopulated, please use: "UBSteps19"

Refer a Friend and Win!

Refer a friend to sign up for the step challenge and you’ll be entered to win additional prizes! Participants must enter your name during the registration process for you to qualify for the referral.

Participate as an Individual or as Part of a Team

Individual participation

Individual Participation.

Individuals wanting to participate in the 2019 Step Challenge can do so by simply signing up. You do not have to join a team to participate individually.


Team Participation

Individual Participation.

Encourage one another to step by signing up as a team! Once you've joined the 2019 Step Challenge Group, you have the option to join a team or create a team.

If you choose to join a team, please make sure it's a team that you were invited to join. Please do not join a team randomly. You are welcome to join the UB SPHHP team if you do not have a team, but would like to be part of one.

You can also create a team. Teams must be 2 or more people. Once the challenge begins April 1, 2019, you will not be able to change teams.

If you sign up and join a team, you are eligible for the individual participation prizes.

Step-by-Step Directions

Step 1. Select the blue button 'I'm new to MoveSpring Sign Up Now' to create an account.

create a new account screen.

Step 2. Enter organization code: UBSteps19

enter the organization code screen shot.

Step 3. Confirm the organization, University at Buffalo.

confirm organization screen.

Step 4. Fill out the short survey. Refer a friend and be entered to win additional prizes when they register and enter your name as a referral.

survey screen.

Step 5. Enter your account details.

survey screen.

Step 6. Connect your device to sync steps or select manual at the bottom of the list.

select your device screen.

Step 7. Select activities that you enjoy to complete your profile.

choose activity screen.

Step 8. Welcome to the 2019 Step Challenge Group.

welcome to movespring screen.

Step 9. Join a team.

If you have a team established with a team captain who already submitted a team name, you can easily join that team by clicking on the 'Join a Team' green button. Please do not randomly join a team unless you have been invited by the team captain. You can create a team, by clicking on the 'Create a Team' button. Teams must have two or more people to participate.

join a team screen.

Commonly Asked Questions

Participation and Prizes

Step Challenge Prizes.

More prizes than ever are going to be awarded during the 2019 Step Challenge! Winners will be announced each week of the contest with grand prize winners announced at the contest completion.

Weekly Schedule

Each week of the step challenge begins on Sunday and ends the following Saturday until the end of April unless otherwise noted.

  • Week 1 April 1-6 Monday through Saturday
  • Week 2 April 7-13 Sunday through Saturday
  • Week 3 April 14-20 Sunday through Saturday
  • Week 4 April 21-27 Sunday through Saturday
  • Final Days April 28-30 Sunday through Tuesday

Prize Categories

  • Daily participation
  • Weekly #UBSteps19 social media contest
  • Overall step superstar
  • Top three winning teams


  • To be eligible for the random participation prize drawings, participants must sync or manually submit their steps on a daily* basis.
  • The top three teams with the highest team step average will be qualified for the 2019 overall winning teams.*
  • Participants on teams* also qualify for individual prizes. 
  • For more information about the #UBSteps social media contest, see below.

*There is a five day grace period for entering step submissions.*
*A team is considered two or more people.
*Results for the winning teams and the top stepper displayed in the app are not final. Final results will be checked before the final winners are announced.

#UBSteps19 - Social Media Contest

#UBSteps18 social media contest.

Want to have an opportunity to win even more prizes? 

Throughout the challenge, we encourage participants to post pictures and/or videos of you (and your friends) participating in the 2019 Step Challenge on social media.

To participate in the social media contest:

  1. Follow our SPHHP social media channels (FacebookTwitter and Instagram)
  2. Post to your preferred channel using the hashtag #UBSteps19.

Winners for the #UBSteps19 social media contest will be announced weekly.
*Users submitting for the social media contest must have their posts set to public so they can be viewed.

Prize Winners

Week 1 Prize Winners

Participation Winners

  • Christopher Banas
  • Tyler Bauer
  • Rosie DeVito
  • Jackie Edwards
  • Gail Galassi
  • Rodney Hogg
  • Rachel Hoopsick
  • Conor Jackson
  • Sally Jarzab
  • Kathy Malstrom
  • Carrie Smith
  • Courtney Szyjka
  • Rachael Vella-Garrido
  • Meghan Zimmerman

Fitbit Winner

  • Brandy Clarke

Referral PRize Pack Winners

  • Mary Kraft
  • Louise Lalli
  • Barb Raff

Social Media Winners

  • @L0nzie
  • @xushir

Week 2 Prize Winners

Participation Winners

  • Alla Babiker
  • Carol Belleville
  • Elizabeth DiPalma
  • Andrew Dynka
  • Linda English
  • Phil Hancock
  • Melissa Iacobucci
  • Joe Kraft
  • Maria Marinucci
  • Molly Rath
  • Mary Jo Sicurella
  • Katie Stock
  • Megan Veirs
  • Steve Young

Fitbit Winner

  • Marian Summa

Social Media Winners

  • @BiLLyBLuEorg
  • @mcherneva

Week 3 Prize Winners

Participation Winners

  • Peter Blake
  • Krystina Burow
  • Merle Cortellucci
  • Beth Etopio
  • Mazie Harms
  • Wendy Hicks
  • Holly Justice
  • Nadia Koyratty
  • Gretchen Kleinsmith
  • Kevin Li
  • Emma Meore
  • Crystal Silva
  • Abby Snyder
  • Wit Wichaidit

Fitbit Winner

  • Dave Vokes

Social Media Winners

  • @dmlegare
  • @jpaulpetrie

Final Winners

Most Improved

  • Leonard Stepien

Alumni Participant

  • Kim Eaton

Social Media

  • @carmonkoenigsknecht
  • @k_muscarella

Social Media Overall

  • @blingblingitsacorgithing

Top Teams

  • First: In It to Win It - Step Sisters Part 4
  • Second: OSCM
  • Third: Why Not Marketing

Step Superstar

  • Cynthia Mgbeojirikwe

Week 4 Prize Winners

Participation Winners

  • Eduardo Cortes
  • Reid Evans
  • Katherine Felt
  • Kristine Ford
  • Mark Greenfield
  • Priscilla Maddock
  • Neil McGillicuddy
  • Jillian Meidenbauer
  • Michelle Nicosia
  • Jennifer Silverman-Van Treese
  • Jenna Smith
  • Eric Stimson
  • Eric Walsh
  • Amanda Weinberg

Fitbit Winner

  • Karen Thomas

Social Media Winners

  • @Philtasticc
  • @ilasche_

Tracking Your Steps

For participants without their own step tracking device, a limited number are available. If you are in need of a pedometer in order to participate, please fill out this Google form.  


Contest Related Questions

Questions about registration, rules, prizes, and accessibility acommodations, email us at

Technical Issues or Troubleshooting Related Questions

Questions about the MoveSpring platform, contact the MoveSpring support center.

In the app:

  • Go to ‘Profile’ and click on the gear icon in the upper right to locate your settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom, and select ‘Message Support.’

On the web:

  • Click the chat bubble icon in the lower right of your browser window to start a new converstation with a MoveSpring expert.


For participants who need alternative access, the step challenge team will help you register and log your steps. Participants who need to utilize alternate access will receive a response in 1-2 business days. You have the option to email or call us with the record of the number of steps for the week to Jackie Hausler or Caryn Sobieski-VanDelinder at or, (716) 829-6704 or (716) 829-6701 respectively between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays. We will manually enter your steps and answer any additional questions you may have.

Policies, Terms and Conditions

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