Delta Omega

The UB Chapter of Delta Omega (Gamma Lambda) was established on April 9, 2012.

What is Delta Omega?

delta omega logo.

Delta Omega is the honorary society for graduate studies in public health. The society was founded in 1924 at the then School of Hygiene and Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, when only a few graduate schools of public health existed in the United States.

The Society now has chapters in over 70 Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)-accredited schools and programs providing advanced public health degrees.  The Society exists to encourage research and scholarship among graduate students of public health and to recognize attainment and achievement in the field of public health.

Who Belongs to Delta Omega?

Membership in Delta Omega reflects the dedication of an individual to quality in the field of public health and to the protection and advancement of the health of all people. New members are elected based on high academic standards and outstanding performance in scholarship, teaching, research, and community service.

The chapters elect new members each year from four groups:

  1. students who are candidates for a graduate degree in public health;
  2. faculty members at the schools and programs of public health;
  3. alumni actively engaged in public health work, and;
  4. honorary members who possess exceptional qualifications and have attained meritorious distinction in the field of public health.

Election from each group is based on outstanding performance: scholarship in students, teaching and research in faculty members, and community service and leadership in alumni and honorary members.

Gamma Lambda Inductees


  • Katelyn Benson, MPH, Student 
  • William Brady, PhD, Alumnus 
  • Elisabeth Brisley, MPH, Student 
  • Shruti Girish Dighe, MPH, MS, Student 
  • Linda Duffy, PhD, MPH, Alumna 
  • David Jacobs, PharmD, PhD, Student 
  • Kailey Lopian, MPH, Student 
  • Raymond Luu, MPH, Student 
  • Chang-Xing Ma, PhD, Faculty 
  • Ekaterina Noyes, PhD, MPH, Faculty 
  • Guogen Shan, PhD, Alumnus


Name Category
Rachael Burganowski, MS Student
Robert Coleman, MPH
Joseph Consiglio, PhD Alumnus
Rachel Daws, MSW, MPH Student
Roseann DeVito, MPH
Shiva Dibaj, PhD Alumna
Elizabeth Domachowske, MPH Alumna
Yichen Fan, MA Alumna
Mojgan Golzy, PhD Alumna
Jeffrey Haibach, PhD Alumnus
Rebecca Hammett, MPH Alumna
Neriy Izkhakov, MPH Alumna
Michael LaMonte, PhD, MPH Faculty
Marianthi Markatou, PhD Faculty
Albina Minlikeeva, PhD Alumna
Angela Pieprzak, PharmD, MPH Alumna
Amy Shaver, MPH Alumna
J. Brian Szender, MD, MPH Alumnus
Laura Terreri, DPT, MPH Alumna


Name Category
Michael Amato, MPH Alumnus
Amanda Ayler, MPH Alumna
Melina Bowdin, MPH Student
Corey Briskey, MPH Alumna
Paula Celestino, MPH Alumna
Xiwei Chen, PhD Student
Christina Crabtree, MPH Alumna
Katharine Dobson-Amato, PhD Student
Gabe Hutton, MPH Student
Greg Homish, PhD Faculty
Andrew Hyland, PhD Alumnus
Ju Joh, MPH Student
Christine Kemp, MPH Student
Marc Kiviniemi, PhD Faculty
Carl Li, MD, MPH Faculty
Joel Merriman,  MPH Alumnus
Megan Saddleson, PhD Student
Alexandra Sullivan, MPH Student
Caila Vaughn, PhD Student
Kristina Young, MS Alumna


Name Category
Tinuke Oluyomi Daniel, PhD Graduate
Amanda Hassinger, MD, MPH Graduate
Kristina Kalyan, DPT, MPH Graduate
Kelly Kamm, PhD Alumna
Le Kang, PhD Alumnus
Xiaodan Mai, PhD Graduate
Lyndsey Milcarek, MPH Graduate
Sarah Morrow, MD, MS Alumna
Mara Pusateri, MPH Alumna
Pavani Ram, MD Faculty
Carmen Tekwe, PhD Alumna
Lili Tian, PhD Faculty
Mark Travers, PhD Alumnus
Angela Watson, MPH Graduate
Lai Wei, PhD Alumna
Juliana Wilson, DO, MPH Alumna


Name Category
Renee Brennan, PhD Alumna
Erin Campbell, MD, MPH Graduate
Randy Carter, PhD Faculty
Meredith Eggert, MPH Graduate
Erin Ellis, PhD Graduate
Virginia Filaci, PhD Alumna
Gabrielle Foley, PhD Alumna
Brian King, PhD Alumnus
Tengda Lin, MPH Alumnus
Xiaobin Liu, MA Graduate
Heather Orom, PhD Faculty
Rachel Rizzo, MS, MPH Alumna
Kim Snyder, MPH Alumna
Dongliang Wang, PhD Alumnus
Alexandra Warner, MPH Student
Jingjing Yin, PhD Graduate


Name Category
Sarah Ackroyd, MPH Graduate (2012)
Rashmi Bismark, MD, MPH Graduate (2012)
Germaine Buck, PhD Alumna
Xueya Cai, PhD Alumna
Sarah Cercone, MPH Graduate (2012)
Joan Dorn, PhD Alumna
Jo Freudenheim, PhD Alumna
Gary Giovino, PhD Alumnus
Alan Hutson, PhD Faculty
Netsanet Iman, PhD Graduate (2013)
Lynn Kozlowski, PhD Honorary
Yanli Li, PhD Graduate (2013)
Austin Miller, PhD Alumnus
Karen Morris, MPH Graduate (2012)
Michael Noe, MD, MPH Faculty
Kim Rook, MPH Alumna
Holger Schuenemann, MD, PhD Alumnus
Philip Smith, PhD Graduate (2013)
Maurizio Trevisan, MD,MS Honorary
Jean Wactawski-Wende, PhD Alumna
Deirdre Wheat, MD, MPH Alumna
Amanda Ziegler, MPH Graduate (2013)