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Brian King, MPH, PhD alumnus.

Brian King, MPH, PhD

Gain skills you need to address current and emerging public health issues across the world with an MPH from UB.

Lead the Way!

  • Create a healthier world
  • Detect and investigate diseases and other health risks
  • Protect the health and safety of individuals, families, communities and populations
  • Prevent disease and disability through health programs, education, policies and research
  • Promote healthy behaviors and create safe and healthy environments

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Our Program

The program's connections are critical to guide you in the right direction to succeed."

Gabriel Hutton, MPH '16

Your Academic Path

  • Learn with students from medicine, law, business, social work, pharmacy and other disciplines
  • Gain experience in a health department, hospital, community organization or international agency
  • Learn from local, regional, national and global public health leaders  
  • Connect with faculty and students through hybrid courses, student clubs, agency visits, simulations and volunteer opportunities
  • Collaborate with faculty experts on public health research
  • Network with MPH alumni and employers
  • Prepare for your future with job-seeking guidance and career services

Your Future Career

An MPH prepares you for careers in local, state, national or international public health agencies, health care delivery systems, insurance providers, nonprofit health agencies or research institutes.

UB's MPH graduates work as:

  • Epidemiologists investigating diseases and health risks
  • Program coordinators or directors implementing health promotion and disease prevention programs
  • Public health department coordinators or directors
  • Health educators promoting healthy behaviors with families and communities 
  • Environmental specialists protecting our food, water and air
  • Data analysts managing healthcare data and informatics for hospitals, insurance providers and health agencies
  • Healthcare administrators managing functions within hospitals, clinics, insurance providers and health agencies
  • Researchers advancing the world's understanding of disease, disability and healthcare delivery
  • Attorneys or advocates for public health and healthcare policies and regulations at state and federal levels

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