Field Training Quick Reference Guide

Field training should be scheduled after a student completes the majority of their required coursework—this is typically after the second semester. Students should begin preparing for field training at least two months prior to their anticipated start date.

Field training can occur in the fall, winter, spring or summer semesters. 

  1. Student reviews field training information and list of MPH field training sites and/or MPH field training postings on the School of Public Health and Health Professions (SPHHP) website.
  2. Student discusses field training interests with their faculty advisor and registers for field training after receiving faculty advisor approval.
  3. Student meets with Robert Furlani, assistant director of MPH training, to discuss field training interests and options at least two months prior to the anticipated start date of field training. Contact Mr. Furlani by email at or by phone at (716) 829-6717.
  4. Student submits resume to Robert Furlani.
  5. Robert Furlani contacts the student’s preferred agency to inquire about field training opportunities. If the agency expresses interest, Robert Furlani facilitates an interview between the agency and the student.
  6. After acceptance by the agency, student discusses the field training assignment (project, activities, goals, start date, hours, etc.) with their faculty advisor.
  7. After faculty advisor approval, the student submits Form 1, Confirmation of Field Training, through the Digital Field Training Forms System.
  8. Student submits Form 2, Early Review of Field Training, by the 4th week of 12 week placement, or the 2nd week of 6 week placement.
  9. Student completes time and activity log each day of their field training experience.
  10. Student forwards Form 3, Student Field Training Evaluation, at the conclusion of the field training experience.
  11. Student submits Form 4, Field Training Site Evaluation, after Form 3 has been submitted and signed.
  12. Student submits a field training report to their faculty advisor at the conclusion of their field training experience. Learn more about what should be included in your Field Training Report.