Field Training Requirements

Students beginning the MPH in fall 2018

In addition to a field training experience at a site of their choosing, students complete interprofessional education (IPE) and collaborative practice course content in preparation for working at their site.

This requirement does not apply to students who began the MPH prior to Fall 2018.

  • MPH students register for course 544 associated with the appropriate department (CHB, EEH or STA), followed by their advisor's initials.
  • After students register for field training, they complete interprofessional education (IPE) modules prior to beginning their field training experience. IPE modules prepare students to work collaboratively with professionals from public health, as well as other healthcare or related disciplines at their site.
  • Students also participate in a one-day interprofessional (IPE) forum after completing the modules. Forums are offered multiple times each year, and provide opportunities to work on interprofessional teams with students in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, rehabilitation science, exercise and nutrition, social work, management and law.
  • Students who waive field training can not waive the interprofessional collaborative practice requirements. Students waiving the field training experience register for 1 credit of their department's 544 course (CHB, EEH or STA), complete the Foundations of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Online Module Series, and participate in an interprofessional (IPE) forum.
  • Students are required to prepare and submit a PowerPoint slide set of their field training experience using the outline detailed below. The slide set should consist of between 15 to 20 slides and include speaker notes for each slide.

MPH Field Training PowerPoint Slide Set Content

  • Description and overview of field training project, goals, objectives and activities
  • Coursework and/or professional experience utilized during field training
  • Description of challenges/obstacles encountered and strategies used to overcome them
  • Description of the benefits to you and the agency
  • Foundational and concentration specific competencies documentation
    • You must provide examples of at least two work products (e.g., flyer, brochure, poster, spreadsheet, survey tool, questionnaire, slide set, etc.) you created during your field training experience.  You also must identify which competencies were addressed by each product. You are required to address a total of five competencies (two concentration specific - three foundational) during your field training experience. It is important that each product clearly delineates which competencies were addressed and how the product demonstrates the competency. 
  • Summary of outcomes
  • Conclusions