We offer a number of video services which support both the mission and goals of the school.

Video Services

We are able to provide a number of video recording services to our faculty.

  • Record classroom lectures
  • Record featured speakers and events
  • Live stream events

The majority of centrally scheduled classrooms on the South campus are equipped with lecture recording technology (Echo360). This technology automates the recording of classroom lectures, seminars, and live-streaming events through a central recording schedule. We highly recommend utilizing Echo360 for your recording needs. The quality and turnaround time is superior to what we can offer.

For school-wide feature lectures (Perry, Graham, Gresham) we recommend departments reserve a room equipped with lecture capture capabilities. Please refer to the list of classrooms.

If you’re interested in recording contact us to schedule your recording. CIT requests a notice of at least two weeks when scheduling events. 

Special Video Projects

If you are seeking a special video-based project, a meeting can be set-up to discuss your specific needs, timelines, budget, and other logistical information.

All projects and timelines are prioritized by the school's mission and overall needs and not all requests will be granted.

Any of the following would qualify as special video-based project:

  • Event highlight videos
  • Video profiles (Student, alumni, faculty/staff)
  • Educational materials

Event Highlights

In addtion to recording and streaming events, we are also able to produce event highlight videos. Event highligths are a collection of short video clips from the day of an event, seamlessly edited, to create a short one to two minute video that help capture the essence of the event.

Annual Perry Lecture


Profiles can be an excellent format to showcase an exceptional student, an inspirational faculty member or distinguished alumni. Video profiles are also used in various channels (website, social media, etc.) and can serve multiple purposes. As we grow our collection of video profiles, priority will be given to projects which align with current communications initatives, such as Health Impact.

Rachel Daws Video

Health Impact Feature

Educational Materials

Educational materials include recorded lectures and course introduction videos. Recorded lectures are in-class lectures which are recorded live. A course introduction features a brief instructor welcome, content summary and the benefits of signing up for the class.

Things to Consider

When used appropriately, video can serve as a very powerful tool.  However, video isn't always the ideal format of choice. There are many things to consider when deciding if a video is appropriate or if another format will be more effective and/or efficient depending on your goals.

Here is a quick list of some things to take into consideration prior to making a request for a special video-based project:

  • What is the purpose of the video?
  • What is my timeline?
  • Do I have a budget?
  • Would another format be better?

Once these questions have been carefully considered, please make your request to We will then set-up a meeting to discuss your ideas and formulate a plan of action.

It should be noted that not all requests will be approved based on priorities, time constraints, or other determining factors.