Classroom Locations

Browse photo examples of each room from the teacher and student viewpoint by selecting the room name you are interested in learning more about in the table below.

South Campus

Centrally Scheduled Room Maximum Room Occupancy Audio Plus Content Camera Plus Content Audio Only Camera Only
Diefendorf 2 110 X   X  
Diefendorf 146 226 X X X X
Diefendorf 147 431 X X X X
Diefendorf 148 225 X X X X
Diefendorf 203 101 X   X  
Kapoor 125 202 X X X X
Kapoor 190 226 X X X X
Wende 114 138 X   X  
SMBS Scheduled Rooms          
Farber 144 118 X X X X
Farber 150 
287 X X X X
Farber G26 184 X X X X
  Maximum Room Occupancy No automated Panopto recording technology
Harriman Ballroom 250/seated


Diefendorf 2

Diefendorf 146

Diefendorf 147

Diefendorf 148

Diefendorf 203

Kapoor Hall

Kapoor 125

Kapoor 190


Wende 114

Farber Hall

Farber 144

Farber 150 Butler Auditorium

Farber G26

Harriman Hall

Harriman Hall Ballroom