Poster Plotter

poster plotter machine

A Hewlett Packard plotter is available to SPHHP departments, research centers and other entities. The information below explains how to set up a plotter account, how to access the plotter, plotter capabilities, usage costs and other issues.

What Can I Create with the Plotter?

  • Conference Presentations (overlapping two 6'x3' sheets produces the standard size 6'x4')
  • Posters (typically 42"x63" or 36"x48")
  • Signs
  • Banners

How Do I Open a Plotter Account?

Each participating entity contributes $250 to the plotter account. Plotter use is then recorded with an online form (account needed).

Participants spend down their $250 in the plotter account and will be notified when the money is exhausted.

Interested departments, research centers and other entities should contact Keith Conroy, information and technology services director, at

Who Can Use the Plotter?

Only designated representatives from participating SPHHP departments and research centers, the School of Nursing and other entities can use the plotter. Each participating entity identifies one to three people to run the plotter. After you create your plot, you should work directly with your representative.

The current list of representatives along with their affiliation and contact information is on the right sidebar under the heading "Authorized Users."

Will Someone Help Me Run The Plotter?

Only your department representative has the appropriate account permissions to run the plotter. Keith Conroy will demonstrate the use of the plotter once or twice to representatives of each participating entity.

To schedule the plotter, contact Keith Conroy (716-829-6762, Kimball 611, one week before finish date to ensure that the plotter is available. Failure to call ahead may prevent usage of the plotter.

Keith Conroy (716-829-6762, Kimball 611, will maintain the system and troubleshoot any technical issues that arise.

Note: Each participating department, research center, etc should select one or two individuals (perhaps student assistants) to learn how to use the plotter. These individuals would then be responsible for advising your faculty and staff on plotter usage.

Will Plotter Policy Ever Change?

Usage (costs, supervision, pricing and user feedback) will be periodically reviewed and policy may be modified to better meet participant and supervision needs.

We reserve the right to adjust pricing to reflect changing and/or unanticipated costs. Current clients of the service will be notified of any pricing changes. Clients can always take unused money out of the fund (and would then no longer have access to the plotter).