Content Expectation (tenure track and tenured faculty) for Statements in Dossiers Submitted for Consideration for Promotion or Tenure

Candidate's Statement on Scholarship and Research

A concise description typically about, but not limited to, three single spaced pages.

It should:

  • chronicle history, evolution, focus and current research line of inquiry;
  • describe the extent of revision and degree of differentiation from work completed for graduate degrees if seeking continuing appointment at the Associate level;
  • present evidence of influence of the work;
  • identify trans-disciplinary and collaborative research making sure to document degree of the candidate's contribution to co-authored work or co-investigator research;
  • and describe plans for further development, new work and future funding.

Candidate's Statement on Scholarship and Research

Professional service that fulfills the School's mission: “… to improve the health of populations, communities and individuals …” is an expectation of all faculty in the School. The candidate's statement (~2 pages) should be constructed according to the University's recognition of three categories of service.

Professional/Public Service

  • Include work that specifically draws upon one's professional academic expertise for the benefit of society's welfare. Include for example service to international, national, regional or local task forces, official positions in public organizations, non-remunerative consulting roles or technical assistance to groups, community based health improvement programs, agencies, and organizations, leadership in provision of in-service training programs, workshops, continuing education, clinical work with individuals, resource development, articles and research reports for non-professionals, etc.
  • Include work that contributes to the profession itself such as editorial boards, editing of journals, magazines and newsletters, service to professional organizations such as holding office in professional organizations, organizing conferences and symposia, etc.

University Service

It is expected that all faculty participate in the governance and operation of the Department, School and/or University, contribute as appropriate to policy formulation and curriculum development, and handle all administrative duties in a timely and competent manner. Include service in administrative roles (Director of Undergraduate or Graduate Programs, Chair, Associate Dean, etc.) and service on committees, review panels, task forces, ad hoc committees and other working groups at all levels of the University.

Community Service

Include contributions to local social service and community organizations that do not draw specifically on one's professional academic expertise (e.g. Scout leader).

Candidates Teaching Statement and Portfolio

Summative, concise in its focus, selective in documentation, and economical in format (~ 20 pages). It should include the candidate's teaching statement (~3 pages) and a portfolio of materials that explicitly represent the candidate's teaching goals, strength, and accomplishments (as distinct from evidence of scholarship in the discipline and various kinds of service activity) in a form that can be peer reviewed by internal evaluators and the department Chair. Candidate's teaching statement to include:

  • Teaching philosophy. Include:
    • range of undergraduate and graduate courses taught and the relationship to and impact of these courses on the academic programs or units;
    • development of new courses if applicable;
    • mentorship and supervision of graduate students;
    • innovations in teaching that enhance the quality of the instructional experience;
    • and reference to scholarly productivity and activities in relation to teaching and learning (books, articles, software developed, presentations, video or teaching CDs, online courses, funding awarded for teaching-learning development activities).
  • The teaching portfolio. An appendix of material that:
    • presents quantitative results from all course/teaching evaluations while at UB in a standardized summary or tabular form with averaged results for comparing the candidate's individual teaching effectiveness with other faculty in the Department or School;
    • provides evidence where available of student learning or other measures of success (honors projects and student research accomplishments/involvement, outstanding evidence of career achievement, job placements, etc.);
    • represents the candidate's best and most important teaching accomplishments (student resource material, documentation of website, CD-ROM, etc.);
    • documents teaching and learning innovations (development of new teaching techniques, significant learning strategies, evidence of pedagogical influence, etc.);
    • and documents evidence of teaching -learning development activities.

Reviewed by the SPHHP Executive and Planning Committee: 10/2008
Reviewed by UB's Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs: 01/2009
Reviewed by UB's Provost: 01/2009
Adopted by the SPHHP: 01/29/2009