Content Expectations for Curriculum Vitae Submitted for School Level Review

Curriculum Vitae: Accurate, clear and up-to-date in every aspect. Include as a minimum:

  • Full name, campus address, home address, email address
  • Educational background: -degrees received, dates received, and institution where received
  • Employment history with inclusive dates, including names of employing institutes and titles held
  • Professional and academic honors
  • Organizational memberships and offices held
  • Service divided into three areas as applicable
    • Professional/Public Service: -include service to your profession, and professional service applied to some aspect of society's welfare and improvement.
    • University Service: -separated into University, School and Department service
    • Community Service
  • Intellectual contributions (publications): -include scholarly and other pertinent publications, books, chapters, monographs, reviews, scholarly electronic publications, etc.
    • Separate into refereed and non-refereed categories
  • Presentations: -include research and other scholarly presentations, published proceedings and abstracts, invited talks, workshops, seminars, etc. (Note: It is not acceptable to list a presentation and dually list it as a published proceedings or published abstracts).
  • Intellectual Property: -include patents, copyrights, licenses, etc.
  • Teaching activities
    • List of courses taught: -include title, institution, academic year/semester, percent contribution if team-taught, designation if course director, and course number or other way of identifying graduate or undergraduate offering.
    • Lectures provided in other courses including cross-disciplinary if appropriate.
    • List of graduate and post doctoral student supervised or advised: -include role (mentor/supervisor or committee member on dissertation, thesis or comprehensive exam, MPH field training, supervised integrative project, etc.), degree and department affiliation.
  • Grant/Contract support (past and current): -include title, funding agency, effective dates, grant/contract total and direct costs, and role (e.g. PI or Co-Investigator, etc. or percentage effort).

Reviewed by the SPHHP Executive and Planning Committee: 10/2008
Reviewed by UB's Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs: 01/2009
Reviewed by UB's Provost: 01/2009
Adopted by the SPHHP: 01/29/2009