Appendix A. Criteria for Appointment and Promotion of Faculty with Qualified Titles


Faculty appointed to qualified ranks make an essential contribution to the overall instructional, research, and service missions of the School of Public Health and Health Professions. Within this personnel category, the prefix, "clinical" is used for those faculty members who have significant knowledge and experience in the discipline in which they are teaching or conducting research, or who are teaching in a clinical environment, wholly or in part. The prefix "research" is used for a faculty member who has appropriate qualifications and whose role is primarily in relationship with the Department's research programs. The prefix "adjunct" is used for a faculty member who is appropriately qualified and who performs teaching and/or research in connection with an academic program.  Faculty members in the School of Public Health and Health Professions in any of these categories are academicians. Although the position and titles are qualified as being "clinical", "research" or "adjunct", the faculty member is expected to possess certain applied (i.e., non-academic) skills and the role of a clinical faculty member is distinctly different from the role of an applied professional in a non-university setting. A primary role of a faculty member in this category is to provide instruction in skills relevant to the practice, teaching, and science of the specific discipline. Promotion to any faculty rank with a qualified title is recognition of significant accomplishment and is never a reward merely for years of service.

  1. Clinical, Research or Adjunct Instructor. This rank shall be used for a candidate who has completed the appropriate entry level degree for clinical practice or research. Normally, the candidate would be expected to be licensed or certified to engage in professional practice in the State of New York. It is expected that the individual will have a minimum of two years of professional experience. There must be clear evidence to support strongly the prediction that the individual will be a good clinician and teacher or researcher and will participate actively in professional and public service.
  2. Clinical, Research or Adjunct Assistant Professor. In addition to satisfying the criteria applicable to the rank of clinical, research or adjunct instructor, the candidate would be expected to have attained at least a master's degree and present positive evidence of clinical or research ability and, if involved in teaching, evidence of didactic skills and ability. Clear evidence should be presented of potential for a high level of performance as an applied professional, a commitment to high applied professional standards, and effective participation in professional and public service. Finally, there should be evidence that the individual is involved in professional activities at the regional, state, and national levels.
  3. Clinical, Research or Adjunct Associate Professor. Service at the level of clinical assistant professor is a necessary but not sufficient condition for promotion to the rank of clinical, research or adjunct associate professor. Candidates for this rank must have applied or professional skills and accomplishments recognized well beyond the local geographic area. In all cases of proposed appointment as a clinical, research or adjunct associate professor, the candidate must have attained the terminal degree in their discipline or have an earned doctoral degree; demonstrated and continued high level of performance as an applied professional; commitment to high professional standards;
  4. Clinical, Research or Adjunct Professor. The criteria required for appointment at the rank of clinical, research or adjunct professor are those already indicated as applicable to the rank of clinical, research or adjunct associate professor. Also, candidates should be clearly established, nationally and/or internationally visible and highly regarded in their discipline. (Again, such visibility could come from publications, involvement in national or international professional organizations, workshops, seminars, etc.). Candidates must have demonstrated the ability to supervise the applied professional training programs of advanced students. The candidate should be a resource person for university faculty when this will be a part of the expected responsibilities. As in the case of appointments at all other ranks, the recommendation for an appointment at the rank of clinical, research or adjunct professor should present clear and strong evidence that exemplary performance as an applied professional has been demonstrated and can be expected to continue. There should be evidence of specific innovations in the performance of one's duties as well as the initiation of programs and policies that have had a demonstrable impact upon the quality of training. Faculty holding this rank have primary responsibility for applied professional skills training at the university, and their attainments as applied professionals in their disciplines must be of the first rank. Nothing less than excellence is acceptable here. The evidence must be unambiguous and unequivocal that the candidate has gained national and/or international recognition as a consequence of his/her professional accomplishments.