50th Anniversary Reflections

The School of Public Health and Health Professions is celebrating a half-century of health professions teaching and research.

Paul J. Kostyniak, PhD, DABT

Chair, Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences; Director, Toxicology Research Center, UB Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

"I had come to Chair the Medical Technology Department when Dr. Eckert was dean of the School of Health Related Professions.  I look fondly on the interactions and support that have had from subsequent deans and faculty which were critical to Departmental growth.  I am proud of the accomplishments that have been made in the Department including, the establishment of a new program in Biotechnology, the renaming of the Department to Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences to more accurately describe its core mission, and the expansion of the curriculum to include state of the art biomolecular and genetic skills, which make our graduates sought after by laboratories in academia, hospitals, as well as the biomedical industry,  which has become an important focus for the Western New York economy."  

Michael S. Brogan, DPT, PhD

MS in Health Science Education and Evaluation, PhD in Educational Administration

"I am so very grateful for such a meaningful and life-changing experience provided to me through the School of Health Related Professions."

Lawrence A. Cappiello

Former Assistant to the Vice President for Health Affairs and Executive Officer for the Faculty of Health Sciences

"Looking back over a 40+ year career in higher education, covering time spent at three major American universities, I consider my role in helping to establish Health Related Professions as one of my most satisfying accomplishments."

Peggy (Debbins) Kerr, BS '82, MS '88

BS in Physical Therapy, MS in Exercise Science

"I am grateful that UB provided opportunity for me to make such a positive difference in not only my 500 graduates' lives, but the patients' lives they have helped over decades of serving."

Barry S. Eckert, PhD, FASAHP

Former Interim Dean, School of Health Related Professions

"My deanship at Health Related Professions (HRP) was a transition for me from full time faculty to following a path into academic administration. HRP gave me the opportunity to go in that direction. In doing so, I encountered a broader range of disciplines and professions, many of which were new to me. Discovering this wider scope of health care was a wonderful experience. I also learned a great deal about university administration and that experience serves me well today. I remember HRP fondly and am grateful for the opportunity that it provided to me."

John Fopeano

Former Head of the Department of Medical Technology

"Where has the time gone? How can it be 50 years since Peter Regan sat down in my cubby hole of an office and talked about a new School of Health Related Professions and what it would mean to the medical technology program. At one point when we were still in the School of Medicine and Bob Brown was acting dean, he and I came up with a 10 year development plan. Ten years later I was cleaning out a drawer and found that wild dream of a plan. Our budget at the time was within $3,000 of the projection. It could never have happened without the leadership of Al Rekate and Warren Perry and the new school structure."

Judith S. (Havas) Matheisz, BS ‘68, MS ’77

BS in Medical Technology 1968, MS in Medical Technology in Clinical Microbiology 1977

"The year of clinical training as an undergraduate, was a very positive experience from which I continued to draw throughout my professional career. The clinical instructors as well as the professors at the university had a profound positive impact. I am greatly indebted to the School of Health Related Professions, which enabled a very satisfying career, and therefore content in my personal life."

John Leone, BS '79

BS in Medical Technology 1979

"My degree prepared me to work for years at ECMC labs, hematology and blood banking. It gave me an excellent background to enter medical school at NYCOM. As an internal medicine physician, laboratory medicine remains a strength for me."

Linda Shriber, BS ‘75, EdD ’95, OTR/L

"The occupational therapy program at the University at Buffalo has been in my life since 1973. At that time, I was an OT student and was privileged to make friends with Jo Schweitzer and Susan Nochajski. Little did we know when we were students that we would be colleagues together as OT faculty for many wonderful years. I will always cherish those friendships and the wonderful relationships that I was able to develop with many of the students I taught who became OT colleagues. Here's to another 50 years of a great OT program!"

Claire M. Weitz, BS ‘75, MD ‘79

BS in Medical Technology 1975

"I have the fondest memories of my time there! What I learned and was taught helped me immeasurably as a physician! (I also learned how to fix toasters, centrifuges and decipher the resistance on transistors!!) Thank you all."