Public Health Advanced Graduate Certificate

kenyani davis.

“We need to better understand health care disparities and the social determinants of health because those are the things that will actually improve our health outcomes for the better.” Kenyani Davis, Health Services Administration MPH

The Advanced Graduate Certificate in Public Health allows you to learn foundational public health skills in as little as one year.

Application Deadlines

Applications are due July 15 for Fall semester and December 15 for Spring semester.

About the program

The certificate program is designed for individuals who want to gain foundational public health knowledge. It can be completed fully online, or on campus through seated courses on a full-time or part-time basis. 

If you find that public health is your passion and you wish to complete the full Master of Public Health (MPH) degree, certificate courses can seamlessly transfer into UB’s MPH.

Our courses attract a diverse student body. You will learn in a collaborative environment that includes public health professionals as well as individuals from across the health care landscape. Courses are taught by faculty who are experts in their field.

The program is designed for:

  • Individuals who wish to take a few courses before enrolling into an MPH program
  • Working professionals who want to gain practical public health skills
  • Current UB students interested in the bigger picture of health care in the U.S.
  • Individuals who want to transition into, or advance in the field of public health
  • Students who need the flexibility of online courses or in-person options

The School of Public Health and Health Professions is a CEPH accredited school of public health




Who can apply for the certificate program?

  • Students with a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and an interest in public health can apply.

As a current UB graduate student, can I apply to the certificate program?

  • Yes, full-time and part-time graduate students at UB can apply.

Can I apply if I am an international student?

  • International students currently studying at UB are eligible to apply. 
  • International students who are interested in the program but are not currently studying at UB should contact us for more information.  

How should I apply?

  • Students wishing to take seated, or a mix of seated and online courses apply to the Public Health Advanced Certificate.
  • Students wishing to take only online courses can apply to the Public Health ONLINE Advanced Certificate.

When should I apply?

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. However, applications are due by July 15 for the Fall semster and by December 15 for the Spring semester.

How many online courses can I take as an international student?

  • International students with an F-1 Visa who are current full-time UB students (taking 12 credits in a semester) are limited to 3 online credits (1 course) in that semester, however may be able to take more online courses depending on total number of semester credits. Students should check with International Student & Scholar Services for more information.

What undergraduate degrees best prepare me for the public health certificate?

  • Students with a Bachelor's degree in any discipline can apply.

What pre-requisites do I need to apply?

  • Students must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution to be considered.

Can I transfer credits from another program into the public health certificate?

  • No transfer credits are accepted for this program.

What will I pay for the program?

  • Review current tuition and fees. Students planning to take 9 credits or more in a semester are considered full-time by the university. Students planning to take less than 9 credits in a semester are part-time and can find rates in the graduate per-credit rate table.

Can I apply for financial aid?

  • Students enrolled in the certificate program are non-degreed students, and some financial aid may not apply. Contact UB Financial Aid to learn more.

For the online program, can I waive UB's comprehensive fee?

When can I begin the program?

  • Students can begin in the Spring or Fall semester.

How long will it take me to complete the program?

  • The program consists of 5 courses. Students can complete all courses in as little as one year, or can take up to four years. 

What grades do I need to receive the certificate?

  • An average of 3.0 GPA overall is required to receive the certificate.
  • A grade of 3.0 GPA (B or better) is required in each course to transfer credits into other graduate programs, including the Master of Public Health (MPH) program.

If I complete the certificate and then enroll in a UB Master of Public Health (MPH) program, will certificate credits transfer to the MPH?

  • All certificate courses completed with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (grade B or better) can transfer into UB's MPH program.
  • Some credits may not transfer into the MPH epidemiology concentration, or the MPH biostatistics concentration. Contact us before applying to learn more.

If I complete the certificate and then enroll in a UB graduate program other than the MPH, will certificate credits transfer to the other program?

  • Some certificate credits may transfer into other graduate programs.
  • There may be minimum grade requirements for courses to be eligible for transfer.
  • Contact the graduate program's department before applying to the public health certificate program to understand course and grade requirements for transferring credits.

Who can I call if I have more questions?