Our Brand is Our Story

UB is an extraordinary institution in an incredible city we're proud to call home.

While we are the largest and most comprehensive university in the SUNY system, nothing about our institution is interchangeable with any other. UB has the power to educate and inspire, and so does our story. 





The university's primary mark represents the strength and power of our academics. This is the university’s logo and most recognizable mark. It must be presented in its original format, never altered or manipulated, in all communications.

Used together, these three typefaces create a clear hierarchy while making our content legible and engaging. The official UB brand fonts are Sofia Pro, More Pro and Freeland.

  • Sofia Pro is our sans-serif family and a workhorse for our communications.
  • More Pro is our serif family, performs well at small sizes, in longer-form text and in more sophisticated situations.
  • Freeland is our display face, should appear sparingly, in headlines only.

Our brand fonts may not always be available for use in Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and other digital applications. 

  • Arial is the acceptable substitute for Sofia Pro.
  • Georgia is the acceptable substitute for More Pro.
Creating A High Impact Print Piece?

Please contact Jackie Hausler, director of communications and alumni engagement at hauslerj@buffalo.edu, for guidance on using the official fonts.