Our Brand is Our Story

UB is an extraordinary institution in an incredible city we're proud to call home.

While we are the largest and most comprehensive university in the SUNY system, nothing about our institution is interchangeable with any other. UB has the power to educate and inspire, and so does our story. 




UB has given thoughtful review to the university’s color palette to further strengthen our messaging platform to create uniformity and distinctiveness. These color options are the only colors SPHHP messaging, marketing and outreach materials may use. The percent of colors used and the application of these colors cannot be altered.

Primary Palette: UB Blue and Hayes Hall White

UB’s signature blue and white dates back to 1886, 40 years after the School of Medicine was established. Our blue and white have undergone many iterations over the last 130-plus years, but they endure to this day, representing the University at Buffalo at the highest level.

UB Blue

CMYK: 100/53/0/0
RGB: 0/91/187
PMS: 2935
HEX: #005bbb

Hayes Hall White

CMYK: 0/0/0/0
RGB: 255/255/255
PMS: White
HEX: #ffffff