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Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

 Scuba diving.

Faculty study how exercise and nutrition influence health, disease prevention and individual function and performance.

Professor and students in a group photo taken at a park in Jamaica.

Harold Burton, PhD, Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Projects:  Dr. Burton leads a new SPHHP winter study abroad program in Jamaica, Behavior Driven Disease: A Global Epidemic.


Zachary Schlader, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Projects: Schlader had the opportunity to undertake his PhD at Massey University (New Zealand). His PhD thesis developed, and later utilized, an exercise model that enabled him to evaluate some of the mechanisms underlying human adaptive behavior during thermal stress. 

Specialty/Research Focus: Investigating the impact, and mechanisms, of environmental stress on human behavior, as well as ways to mitigate any adverse effects.