Current Research

Biomechanical Implications and Investigation of the Non-contact Mechanism of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

  • Identify positions of the knee where risk of ACL injury is most and least likely and identify adaptive movement patterns and training methods which may help to reduce the incidence of non-contact ACL injuries.
  • Scott White, Jeff Podraza

Virtual Group-Exercise at Home in Older Adults at Risk of Falling

  • 1R21AG041457-01A1: National Institutes of Health (Collaboration with Rehabilitation Science)
  • Assess whether gait and postural control improve for elderly persons at risk for falls after completing a virtual home-based exercise program.
  • Machiko Tomita, Nadine Fischer, Dan K Ramsey

CPS: Medium: Quantitative Visual Sensing of Dynamic Behaviors for Home-based Progressive Rehabilitation

  • 1135660: National Science Foundation (Collaboration with Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)
  • Develop a cyber-physical framework permitting immersive (visual and haptic) motion capture through human-machine interfaces and low-cost computer vision devices to quantity human motor characteristics, intended for home-based progressive rehabilitation.
  • Venkat Krovi, Dan K Ramsey

Recently Completed Research

Stride Length Variability on Baseball Pitching Performance
Ryan Crotin, Dan K Ramsey

Biomechanical Aspects of Soldier Load Carriage
Hannah Clark, Dan K Ramsey

A Normative Movement Profile of Stair Ascent and Descent: an EMG to Muscle Torque Calibration
John Genereux, Dan K Ramsey 

Hip Knee and Ankle Biomechanics of Young Overweight Adults Traversing Stairs
Kyoko Umezaki, Dan K Ramsey

Unloader Braces for Medial Compartment Knee Osteoarthritis: Implications on Mediating Progression
Mary Russell, Dan K Ramsey

Effect of knee flexion angle on ground reaction forces, knee moments and muscle co-contraction during an impact-like deceleration landing: implications for the non-contact mechanism of ACL injury
Jeff Podraza, Scott White