Recommended Sequence of Courses

The minor requires 20 credit hours: 11 required credits and 9 elective credits.

First Year

  • Fall - ES 102 Fundamentals of Wellness
  • Spring  - UBE 110 (Section WES) Introduction to Peer Education

Second Year

  • Fall - UBE 496 (Section WE2) or ES 496 (Section MED) Practicum
    Note: Before registering for UBE 496 or ES 496, you must complete ES 102 and UBE 110
  • Spring - UBE 496 (Section WE3) or elective

Third Year

  • Fall - elective
  • Spring - ES 428 Health Promotion, Prevention & Wellness and elective

The required lower division courses—ES 102, UBE 110 (Section WES)—should be completed prior to UBE 496 (Section WE2 or WE3) or ES 496 (Section MED).

Keep Up With Minor Requirements

When you are about one year away from graduation, contact Undergraduate Student Services, the Office for Academic and Student Affairs (OASA), at to ensure you are on track with the health and wellness minor requirements.