Course Descriptions

ES 102 Fundamentals of Wellness

3 Credits, Fall Semester

The purpose of this class is to provide undergraduate students with information, theories, and practices, which support individual wellness and health promotion in the college community. The class utilizes an interactive learning environment that addresses key wellness issues, including: building healthy relationships, suicide prevention, nutrition and physical activity, alcohol and other drug use, sexual health, violence and sexual assault prevention, and media literacy.

ES 428/528 Health Promotion, Prevention & Wellness

3 Credits, Fall Semester

Health promotion is examined from a public health perspective, a community and corporate perspective and in terms of individual behavior change.

ES 496 Practicum

3 Credits, Fall and Spring Semesters

Provides an opportunity for the student to gain some practical experience in a field setting. Sites are selected based on the student's career expectations. Arrangements must be made in conjunction with the clinical advisors on faculty.

Prerequisites: CPR/first aid certification, HIPPA certification, Universal Precautions and an updated health form