John E. Vena, PhD

Professor (voluntary), Department of Social and Preventive Medicine

Contact Information

University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208
Phone: 803-777-7333
Fax: 803-777-2524

Faculty Links

Research Interests: risk of cancer and adverse reproductive outcomes associated with environmental pollutants and occupational health hazards

Selected Publications

  • Mendola P, Robinson L, Buck G, Druschel C, Fitzgerald E, Sever L, Vena JE. Birth defects risk associated with maternal sport fish consumption: Potential effect modification by sex of offspring. Environ Res 97/2 pp 134-141, 2005.
  • Bloom MS, Vena JE, Swanson MK, Moysich KB, Olson JR: Profiles of ortho-polychlorinated biphenyl congeners, dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene, hexachlorobenzene, and Mirex among male Lake Ontario sportfish consumers:the New York State Angler Cohort Study. Environ Res 97(2):177-193, 2005.
  • Sandberg D, Vena JE, Weiner J, Beehler G, Swanson M, Meyer-Bahlburg H. Hormonally active agents in the environment and children's behavior: Assessing influences on gender-dimorphic outcomes. Epidemiology 14:148-155, 2003.
  • Beehler G, McGuinness B, Vena JE. Characterizing Latino anglers' environmental risk perceptions, sport fish consumption and advisory awareness through focus group research. Med Anthropology Quarterly 17:99-116, 2003.
  • Buck G, Vena JE, Greizerstein H, Weiner J, McGuinness B, Mendola P, Kostyniak P, Swanson M, Bloom M, Olson J. PCB congeners and pesticides and female fecundity, New York State Angler Prospective Pregnancy Study. Environ Tox and Pharmacol 12:83-92, 2002.
  • Beehler G, Weiner J, McCann S, Vena JE, Sandberg D. Identification of sport fish consumption patterns in families of recreational anglers though factor analysis. Environmental Research Section A 89:19-28, 2002.
  • McGuinness BM, Buck GM, Mendola P, Sever LE, Vena JE: Infecundity and consumption of polychlorinated biphenyl-contaminated fish. Arch Environ Hlth 56(3):250-253, May/June 2001.
  • Beehler GP, McGuinness BM, Vena JE. Polluted fish, sources of knowledge, and the perception of risk: Contextualizing African American anglers' sport-fishing practices. Human Organization 60(3):288-297, 2001.
  • Buck GM, Vena JE, Schisterman EF, Dmochowski J, Mendola P, Sever LE, Fitzgerald E, Kostyniak P, Greizerstein H, Olson J. Parental consumption of contaminated sport fish from Lake Ontario and predicted fecundability. Epidemiology 11(4);388-93, 2000.
  • Moysich KB, Freudenheim JL, Baker JA, Ambrosone CB, Bowman ED, Schisterman EF, Vena JE, Shields PG. Apolipoprotein E genetic polymorphism, serum lipoproteins, and breast cancer risk. Molecular Carcin 27:2-9, 2000.

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