Concentration Specific Competencies

Competencies Addressed by Concentration Specific Coursework

CS1. Use clinical, billing and population data to assess the relationship between the financial, health outcomes and regulatory aspects of public health and healthcare delivery system (EEH 530, EEH 536 & EEH 538)
CS2. Critically appraise evidence to understand and evaluate policy effects in health and healthcare context. (EEH 536 & EEH 538)
CS3. Examine, and compare and contrast necessary political process for public health legislation to be proposed, financed and resourced, enacted, and evaluated. (EEH 536 & EEH 538)
CS4. Apply the principles of program planning, development, budgeting, management, and evaluation to healthcare organizations and community health initiatives. (EEH 536 & EEH 538)
CS5. Apply principles of strategic planning and marketing to public health and healthcare policy development at the local, state and federal level. (EEH 536 & EEH 538)