Clinical Research Track

The specialized clinical research track within the MS program provides you with the skills and knowledge to design and conduct independent clinical research.

The program is designed to be rigorous yet flexible with individualized training so you can concentrate course electives in the discipline of your research focus such as pharmacy, nursing, dentistry or medicine.

Track Requirements

The track requirements follow those of the master’s in epidemiology degree:

  • A minimum of 33 credit hours of coursework
  • A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and a minimum grade of B in every required course
  • Completion of a master’s thesis

View the Epidemiology and Environmental Health Graduate Student Handbook for more information about program requirements.


Our interdisciplinary curriculum draws from epidemiology, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, oncology, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, geography, biostatistics, management, law, nutrition, statistics and computer science.