Full citation

Ettlie, J. E., & Subramaniam, M. (2004). Changing Strategies and Tactics for New Product Development. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 21(2), 95-109.

Format: Peer-reviewed article

Type: Research — Non-experimental

Experience level of reader: Advanced

Annotation: The authors employed open-ended interviews with eight manufacturing companies to gather information about changes in strategies for new product development. The authors note that the small sample size prevents the results from being readily generalizable to larger populations; however, there are important implications for researchers. Future research questions include what new capabilities have been acquired and integrated into organizations; how those capabilities were acquired; and how non-typical projects have been structured within organizations.

Setting(s) to which the reported activities/findings are relevant: Large business

Knowledge user(s) to whom the piece of literature may be relevant: Researchers

Knowledge user level addressed by the literature: Organization

This article uses the Commercial Devices and Services version of the NtK Model

Primary Findings

Measure: Potential research questions include: What new capabilities are acquired when a firm changes the way that specifications are developed? How are these new capabilities acquired and integrated into projects?
In-depth interviews of eight firms.
Occurrence of finding within the model: Step 4.12

Tip: If an organization is seeking to develop radical technological innovations they should explore specification development tools other than just customers' wants and needs.
In-depth interviews of eight firms.
Occurrence of finding within the model: Step 2.2