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Parry, M.E., & Song, X.M. (1994). Identifying New Product Success in China. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 11(1), 15-30.

Format: Peer-reviewed article

Type: Experience

Experience level of reader: Fundamental

Annotation: The authors conducted a survey of successful and failed new product development projects at 129 firms in the People's Republic of China. The survey instrument mirrored earlier work by Cooper surveying determinants of success in new product development in Canada. Four variables were identified as correlates of success and two as correlates of failure. Each of these variables are described in this article's findings.

Setting(s) to which the reported activities/findings are relevant: Large business, Small business (less than 500 employees)

Knowledge user(s) to whom the piece of literature may be relevant: Manufacturers, Researchers

Knowledge user level addressed by the literature: Organization

This article uses the Commercial Devices and Services version of the NtK Model

Primary Findings

Tip: The four most important correlates of new product development success are: relative product advantage; a market-derived product idea; proficiencies of development activities; and market size and potential. Two factors highly correlated with failure are: newness of the production process to the firm; and competitive intensity.
Survey of 129 firms.