Lance Rintamaki, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Community Health and Health Behavior

Contact Information

325 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
Phone: 716-645-2141 x1192

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Research Interests: intersection of risk communication and health behavior outcomes

Selected Publications

  • Cameron KA, Rintamaki LS, Kamanda-Kosseh M, Noskin GA, Baker DW, Makoul GM (in press). Using theoretical constructs to identify key issues for targeted message design: African American seniors' perceptions about influenza ad influenza vaccination. Health Communication.
  • Rintamaki LS, Weaver FM (2008). The social and personal dynamics of HIV stigma. In T. Edgar, S. M. Noar, & V. S. Freimuth (Eds.), Communication Perspectives on HIV/AIDS for the 21st Century (pp. 67-99). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.
  • Rintamaki LS, Scott AM, Kosenko K, Jensen R (2007). Male patient perceptions of HIV stigma in healthcare contexts. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 21, 956-969.
  • Rintamaki LS (2007). Patient perceptions of HIV stigma in medical encounters. Medical Encounter, 21, 21-23.
  • Rintamaki LS (2007). Provider-patient communication: Context and concern for HIV stigma. In B. J. Reynolds (Ed.), Foundations of Communication (pp. 171-183). Buffalo, NY: University at Buffalo Press.
  • Brashers DE, Rintamaki LS, Peterson JL (2006). Pragma-dialectics and patient self-advocacy in physician-patient interactions. In M. A. van Rees & P. Houtlosser (Eds.), Considering Pragma-Dialects (pp. 24-38). Hillside, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
  • Rintamaki LS, Davis TC, Skripkauskas S, Bennett CL, Wolf MS (2006). Social stigma concerns and HIV medication adherence. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 20, 359-368.
  • Rintamaki LS, Brashers DE (2005). Social identity and stigma management: The case of people living with HIV. In E. B. Ray (Ed.), Health Communication in Practice (pp. 145-156). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.
  • Brashers DE, Haas SM, Neidig JL, Rintamaki LS (2002). Social activism, self-advocacy, and coping with HIV illness. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 19, 113-134.