Gregory P. Beehler, PhD, MA

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Community Health and Health Behavior

Contact Information

VA WNY Healthcare System
Room 1031B
Buffalo, NY 14214
Phone: 716-862-7934
Fax: 716-862-7329

Research Interests: health behavior promotion, particularly among cancer survivors and underserved groups; integrated primary care for enhancing chronic disease self-management; posttraumatic growth; cross-cultural models of risk; program evaluation and grounded theory methodology

Selected Publications

  • Brody JG, Moysich KB, Humblet O, Attfield KR, Beehler GP, Rudel RA. (2007). Environmental pollutants and breast cancer: Epidemiologic studies. Cancer, 109, 2667-2711.
  • Michels KB, Mohllajee AP, Roset-Bahmanyar E, Beehler GP, Moysich KB. (2007). Diet and breast cancer: A review of the epidemiologic evidence. Cancer, 109, 2712.
  • Moysich KB, Baker JA, Menezes RJ, Jayaprakash V, Rodabaugh KJ, Odunsi K, Beehler GP, McCann SE, Villella JA. (2007). Usual body mass index is not predictive of ovarian cancer survival. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention, 16, 626-628.
  • Beehler GP, Sekhon M, Baker JA, Teter BE, McCann SE, Rodabaugh KJ, Moysich KB. (2006). Body mass index and risk of ovarian cancer varies by menopausal status. Journal of Nutrition, 136, 2881-2886.
  • Baker JA, Beehler GP, Sawant AC, Jayaprakash V, McCann SE, Moysich KB. (2006). Consumption of coffee, but not black tea, is associated with premenopausal breast cancer risk. Journal of Nutrition, 136, 166-171.
  • Mirand AL, Beehler GP, Kou C, Mahoney M. (2003).  Explaining the de-prioritization of primary prevention:  Physicians' perceptions of their role in the delivery of primary care. BMC Public Health, 3 (15).
  • Beehler GP, McGuinness BM, Vena JE. (2003). Characterizing Latino anglers' environmental risk perceptions, sport fish consumption, and advisory awareness. Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 17, 99-116.
  • Mirand AL, Beehler GP, Kou C, Mahoney M. (2002). Physician perceptions of primary prevention: Qualitative base for the conceptual shaping of a practice intervention tool. BMC Public Health, 2 (16).
  • Beehler GP, McGuinness BM, Vena JE. (2001). Polluted fish, sources of knowledge, and the perception of risk: Contextualizing African American anglers' sport-fishing practices. Human Organization, 60, 288-297.