A total of 72 credit hours of coursework is required for the PhD in Community Health and Health Behavior.

Three types of course credits make up this 72 credit hour total: didactic courses, directed research, and dissertation credits. Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 and must earn a minimum grade of B in all coursework for the coursework to count towards the PhD degree (note that a grade of B- will not meet this minimum B requirement).

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Didactic Courses

Core Curriculum

These required core courses provide students with an introduction to core knowledge and key research techniques relevant to community health and health behavior. These core course requirements are as follows:

Community Health and Health Behavior (CHHB) Core Courses (9 Credit Hours)

Public Health Core Courses (9 or 10 Credit Hours)

  • EEH 501 Principles of Epidemiology or EEH 500 Introduction to Epidemiology for Health Professionals
  • CHB 550 Public Health and Population Wellbeing

 One Additional public health course from the following list:

  • EEH 543 Public Health Practice
  • EEH 507 Introduction to Health Care Organization
  • LAW 618 Public Health Law
  • EEH 534 Global Health
  • EEH 538 Community Health Assessment and Surveillance

Statistics and Research Methods Core Courses (13 Credit Hours)

  • STA 527 Introduction to Medical Statistics, plus three graduate-level statistics/research methods courses.

Directed Research

Beyond formal coursework, the PhD program in Community Health and Health Behavior is explicitly based on a mentor-mentee, apprenticeship model in which students are involved in a faculty member’s research throughout their time in the program. During this directed research experience, students also will complete training in journal article and grant writing and in research ethics, including completion of the CITI training modules for behavioral and biomedical sciences and other required research ethics training. While completing didactic coursework, students register for either directed research credits (CHB 695: Independent Research, 1-6 Credits/semester) or community-based experience credits (CHB 696: Community Field Experience, 1-6 Credits/semester) to reflect the instruction and learning emerging from this mentored research experience. To satisfy the research experience requirements for the PhD program, students must complete a minimum of 12 directed research/community-based experience credits.

Thesis Supervision Credits

Students register for dissertation supervision credits (CHB 698: Dissertation Guidance, 1-6 credits/semester) after passing the comprehensive exam and while working on the dissertation. Students typically earn 12 dissertation credits during the process of working on the dissertation.