MPH Program

You will be assigned a faculty advisor to assist in planning a program that meets your educational goals, and to answer questions relating to graduate studies. The advisor will also assist you in selecting faculty members who will supervise your field training experiences and chair your MPH integrative project. You should plan to consult with your advisor prior to registration each semester.

Most 1st year students will be advised by the director of the concentration. At the end of the 1st year studies, students will be asked to write a brief statement of interest. This statement will help identify a 2nd year mentor. This statement should discuss plans for Field Training, Integrative Project, as well as describe career plans. Students can also make recommendation for a 2nd year advisor. Students are encouraged to consult the CHHB faculty interest page to identify a potential mentor.  

If, for any reason, you wish to change advisors, submit a request in writing to the director of graduate studies and provide a copy to the current advisor. Changes will be made only with the approval of the new advisor.

All administrative questions relating to meeting degree requirements (e.g., class registration, graduation forms) should be directed to Barb Sen, graduate program coordinator, at

Academic Advising Report

Each semester, students are encouraged to review their Academic Advising Report. This Report is available within your HUB account. To access:

  1. Go to HUB
  2. Click on "Plan" (top left)
  3. Click on "My Academics" tab
  4. Click on "View my Advisement Report"

PhD Program

The PhD program is based on a mentor-mentee model in which you will be matched with a faculty advisor who shares your research interests. As part of the application for admission, you will identify one or more faculty members would could function as your advisor and describe how your planned doctoral research relates to the potential advisor’s research activities and interests.

Your faculty advisor will involve you in their research and supervise your independent research, including the dissertation.