Getting to Market

Sample of an Elevator Pitch for a New Product

The following is an example of a concise ‘Elevator Pitch’ describing a new product to a potential  licensee or investor. The purpose of the ‘Elevator Pitch’ is to garner interest and the request for a meeting and additional information from the recipient. The example was used in the licensing of an Automated Pill Crusher developed by our Center.

Project Examples for Reference

Commercialization Package

The following are examples of commercialization packages generated by our Center for presentation of prototype devices to potential licensing partners. Please note that each commercialization package is tailored to the specific prototype device. However, certain areas are common to both package examples. The key area in any commercialization package is a one-two page Executive Summary. We have found that you will only receive 3 — 5 minutes of a key licensing professional’s time for review of your package and you must pique their interest with the Executive summary thus prompting them to continue reading the entire document.  

Value Proposition

The following is an example of a Value Proposition Package our Center developed for the Michelin Corporation new product called Tweels. Michelin was seeking information about entering into the Assistive Technology Market with a version of their Tweels being made available for use on manual wheelchairs.

Transferred Product Examples

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