Frequently Asked Questions

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Review our FAQs page about the prospective case study, Understanding Technology Transfer Success.

Who is eligible?

All newly funded NIDILRR Technology Grantees are eligible to participate. Technology Grantees are defined as any grantee (RERC, DRRP, SBIR Phase 2, or FI) who proposes to generate any of the following 4 outputs for use by external stakeholders:

  • Industry Standards/Clinical Guidelines;
  • Laboratory Instruments/Tools;
  • Freeware (hardware or software);
  • Commercial Products or Services.

What are my time commitments with this study?

Each participant is asked to volunteer one to two hours of their time every three months for the duration of their technology development project or until October 2017, whichever comes first.

What will I be providing to you?

Once every 3 months we will be conducting a phone interview with you regarding the progress of your technology development project. The interview questions will be sent to you ahead of time, providing you the opportunity to gain clarification on any of the questions prior to the actual interview.

Who will be conducting the interviews?

Members of the KT4TT research team, Michelle Lockett and Vathsala Stone, will be conducting the interviews; however at times we may invite other KT4TT members to attend the phone call if technical assistance is needed.

Are there any other documents you will need from me?

We are requesting a copy of your funded grant proposal to expedite the research teams’ understanding of your proposed technology project(s) as well as to expedite technical assistance. Sharing your proposal is not mandatory to participate in the study.

How will you maintain confidentiality?

We take every precaution to keep all your project information confidential and will gladly sign any non-disclosure agreement you send to us; or if you do not have your own non-disclosure statement, we can provide one. 

What will be done with the interview data?

After all of the interviewing sessions have been completed, the KT4TT team will compile a case summary of your interviews, representing the link between each activity and event that occurred to bring your technology to its proposed destination. We would like you to review your case summary to inform us of any missing or incorrect information. 

Your approved case summary, along with other participants’ summaries will be used to identify common activities that lead to successful transfer of technology outputs. These best practices will be used to enhance and expand the Need to Knowledge (NtK) Model.

How will I benefit from the case study?

Participating in this study will help you plan, organize and document the activities of your project. This will be beneficial when you are completing your APRs and when you are preparing manuscripts about your project.

We will be able to identify potential barriers to your project’s success before they arise and offer suggestions on how to prevent them, eliminating unnecessary road blocks.

How will others benefit from the case study?

Findings from this prospective case study will inform an evidenced based and contextualized new product development/technology transfer model designed for NIDILRR grantees. This enhanced Need to Knowledge Model (NtK) will help grantees with technology transfer or commercialization planning and implementation, improving the probability of successful transfer; ultimately making new and better technologies available to people with disabilities. It will also be beneficial for grant proposal generation.

How do I enroll in this study?

Simply review and sign our study’s Consent Form and complete the missing information on the Participant Contact and Demographic Information Sheet. That’s it! Please contact Michelle Lockett at to receive a copy of these forms.