Cognition Industry Profile

Profiling an industry segment is an important step in learning about the market potential of proposed products and services. The Industry Profile on Technologies for Cognitive Impairment offers the following resources: 

Insights from Industry

This segment of the Industry Profile will help you understand how to define the market for your idea or product, learn how and when to contact potential manufacturing partners, and what information you should have on hand when you make that introductory pitch. Learn about opportunities for collaboration with companies, and review manufacturers’ impressions about unmet needs in the cognition industry.

Sources of Demographic Information

Review this listing to quickly determine which national surveys, data repositories, websites, and resources relate to the data you are seeking. Index tables indicate the categories of demographic information available from each listed resource. 

Company Listing

Identify potential collaborators and competitors by browsing a listing of companies who manufacture and resell products for people with cognitive impairments. Use the included search guide to document existing solutions and define your product’s competitive advantage.