Industry Profiles

Industry Profiles.

Government-sponsored R&D projects are most likely to result in successful new products when marketplace needs and business viability considerations are addressed early and often throughout the project. To do this, it is important to talk to manufacturing partners, understand the size and characteristics of the target population (i.e. target market), and know what makes your (proposed) solution superior to existing alternatives (i.e. your competitive advantage). 

What’s in an Industry Profile and how can it help me?

Insights from Industry

Read about manufacturers’ perspectives on working with grantees and inventors, and learn about opportunities to conduct R&D.

  • Use this section to better understand how specific manufacturers feel about working with external parties, such as grantees and inventors.
  • Read about the technologies that manufacturers’ say are most needed.

Demographic Data Sources

Locate resources that will help you better understand and describe a particular target population. 

  • Use the demographic data sources to learn about the characteristics of the populations you intend to serve. This will help you to better tailor your interventions and products to their needs.
  • Use the demographic data sources to uncover market size and growth estimates. These figures help demonstrate the potential impact of your planned project outputs, and can be useful when discussing market potential with manufacturing partners.

Company Listing

Review companies and their product lines to identify collaborators and competitors. 

  • Use this resource to identify potential collaborators and competitors by learning about which assistive technology companies manufacture and resell products, what markets they serve, and if their offerings include hardware and/or software solutions. Use the search guide section to review currently available and emerging products and technologies. A product’s competitive advantage is made up of those things that make a product unique and valuable, as opposed to alternatives. Understanding the current marketplace helps you to better explain to potential partners, product users, and buyers why they will want the product that you are offering. 

Where can I download an Industry Profile?

  • Technologies for People with Visual Impairments (Update coming in 2017)
  • Click the links on the right side of this page for past profiles on the topics of Wheeled Mobility (2009), Education Technology (2006), and Visual Impairment (2004).