What We Are Exploring

Prospective case studies.

In an effort to assist government-sponsored scholars and entrepreneurs successfully launch products to the marketplace, we are conducting research on the key factors that impact success rate.

We are conducting 2 research projects in an effort to understand the key factors to successful product launches:

  • A Prospective Case Study — Understanding Technology Transfer & Commercialization Success
    We need to study how the activities and decisions of project managers influence the trajectory, progress and eventual results achieved. By documenting and compiling evidence drawn from actual case studies, we can provide peer-to-peer examples of what works and what doesn’t work in the context of critical success factors in technology transfer and commercialization.
  • Industry Profiles — Key AT Industry Segments 
    All R&D project managers intend to benefit the ultimate consumer, but most can only reach the marketplace through partnerships with existing corporations. We need to demonstrate how to identify, profile, and communicate with potential partner corporations within any given industry, so that project managers can follow the dictum ‘know thy customer.’ 

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