Products Transferred from 2003m through 2008.

Health and Function Products Transferred from 2003 through 2008



The versatility of AeroFlex, a geodynamic liner system, opens the door to creative new design options for your products. AeroFlex provides exceptional air circulation and comfort in a lightweight composite structure with the flexibility to suit any application. From sporting goods to the medical applications (i.e. wheelchair cushions or bed pad-ding), personal comfort to wearable electronics - AeroFlex offers new and creative possibilities to your imagination! 


Automatic Sync Technologies.

CaptionSync was designed by Automatic Sync technologies using SBIR funds. It offers automated captioning of audio and video material that is fast, reliable, and less expensive than the alternatives options available on the market. It operates through a web portal that allows customers to upload content and transcripts and return results in approximately 10 minutes.

Compass© Evaluation Software

Compass© Evaluation Software.
Koester Performance Research.

Compass© Evaluation Software, developed by Koester Performance Research, efficiently collects and helps evaluators interpret quantitative assessment data. The software measures skills needed for computer interaction, such as keyboard and mouse use, navigating through menus, and switch use. Compass© software is ideal for “front-line” use by practitioners in schools, universities, employment settings, and assistive technology clinics as a means of enhancing the objectivity and accuracy of computer access assessments as well as the efficiency and quality of associated reports.

Surfboard Voice Interactive Universal Remote Control

Surfboard Voice Interactive Universal Remote Control.
Innotech Systems, Inc.

Innotech Systems, Inc.’s Surfboard is a hands free universal, programmable, interactive television remote control with a built in help system. Easy to setup and use, the Surfboard has talking buttons (voice feedback) and hands free voice control. It can be programmed to recognize voice commands from multiple users so that a person with low vision or a cognitive impairment can operate their television easily.  

90 Series Premium Thermostat

90 Series Premium Thermostat.
White Rodgers.

The White Rodgers 90 Series Blue residential thermostat has large and easy to see characters for heat and cool options, large intuitive red/blue temperature keys, a large 12 square inch touch screen display, audio prompting to ensure pro-gram change confirmation, menu driven program change, a keypad lockout, a limited temperature range, change furnace filter and humidifier pad alert, ability to copy programming, a 5 year warranty, a backlit display to improve display contrast in low lighting and multiple other features to benefit the elderly and people with low vision.

Easyshare Photo Printer 500

Easyshare Photo Printer 500.

Eastman Kodak Kodak incorporated design and functional features the T2RERC provided for improving consumer usability and accessibility in viewing, editing, storage, and portability. The large 3.5 in. (8.9 cm) LCD screen makes viewing and editing simple so that you can zoom and crop to get the picture you want. The LCD closes when not in use for easy storing and protection when transporting. Reduces red-eye at the touch of a button. Lamination for pictures that are waterproof, stain-resistant and last a lifetime. The Photo Printer 500 is Wi-Fi ready, so you can wirelessly connect and print from anywhere in your home.

Automated Pill Crusher

Automated Pill Crusher.
First Wave Technologies.

First Wave Technologies — The Automated Pill Crusher is an electrically operated appliance designed to assist individu-als with the task of crushing pills. The prototype, which is approximately the size of a coffee maker, utilizes a linear actuator to propel a ram into a small container that contains the pill(s). The force from the ram crushes the pill(s) into a fine powder for easier ingestion. The Automated Pill Crusher is designed to make crushing pills easier for both consumers who may have difficulty swallowing pills and their caretakers.  

Lids Off Open-It-All Jar, Can, & Bottle Opener

Lids Off Open-It-All Jar, Can, & Bottle Opener.
Black & Decker.

(New version of Lids Off Jar Opener) — Black & Decker The Open-It-All Jar, Can, & Bottle Opener is an electrically operated, household kitchen appliance designed to assist all individuals with the task of opening jars, cans and bottles. The device is easy to use and ideal for those needing a stronger grip for opening jars. It has large activation but-tons, an adjustable height; is a collapsible unit for compact storage; and has a dishwasher safe can opener blade assembly. The design is unique in that it features a minimal effort approach to opening jars. The Open-It-All is designed to significantly reduce the amount of effort expended by all consumers especially children, disabled individuals, and the elderly in the opening of jars.

Gizmo Can Opener Redesign

Gizmo Can Opener Redesign.
Black & Decker.

(New Version of Gizmo Can Opener) — Black & Decker incorporated design and functional features the T2RERC provided for improving consumer usability and accessibility in mounting, storage, recharging and portability of the Gizmo can opener. 

Digital Advantage Toaster/Convection Oven

Digital Advantage Toaster/Convection Oven.
Black & Decker.

Black and DeckerTM incorporated the design and functional features requested by our consumers into the design of the CTO8500 and CTO9500 ovens. The elderly and people with disabilities wanted a mistake proof toaster oven that could be used to cook small, complete meals for just 1 or 2 people. Features of these new ovens include pressure sensitive but-ton controls; an electronic toast control (no more burnt toast); accurate digital settings from 200 to 450 degrees F for precise baking or cooking and 1-7 for toasting; a 90 minute auto off timer; a signal bell that chimes when the door is left open or the oven has completed a function; B&D partnered with Mirro Bakeware to offer bakeware specially sized for the new CTO8500 and CTO9500 ovens; large non slip handles; a Thermal Guard outer shell; a large crumb tray with a large easy to grip handle for removal; and a non stick baking chamber for easier cleaning.   

PDA Line Text Isolator/Magnifier

PDA Line Text Isolator/Magnifier.
Turning Point Technology.

Turning Point Technology — The PDA Magnifier and Line Text Isolator is an add-on accessory compatible with most personal digital assistants. This device allows a person to be able to read lines of text on a PDA screen one line at a time, while also enlarging the text so that it can be read more easily. It mounts to the front of most PDA’s using Velcro so that it can be attached and removed with ease, helping to maintain the compactness and convenience of a PDA.

Kelvin — Interactive Voice Controlled Thermostat

Kelvin - Interactive Voice Controlled Thermostat.
Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Independent Living Aids/Action Talking Products — KELVIN is a fully programmable voice-interactive talking thermostat. This patented technology enables temperature in the home to be adjusted by either pushing the large tactually marked “up” or “down” buttons, or by speaking to the thermostat and saying “raise” or “lower”. KELVIN will then verbally confirm the new temperature level to which it has been set. KELVIN is fully programmable for automatic temperature adjustments for morning, daytime, evening and night. Heating or air conditioning settings can be programmed individually for each day of the week, resulting in energy savings during days, such as weekends or vacations, when the home is unoccupied. It benefits the elderly, disabled, blind and the visually impaired. Endorsed by the National Federation of the Blind.

Family Toilet Seat (Multi-Level Toilet Seat)

Family Toilet Seat (Multi-Level Toilet Seat).

Maddak Inc. Ideal for children of varied ages, grandparents with visiting grandchildren and facilities catering to clients of all ages. Fits all standard toilets and the center seat can be removed for easy cleaning or storing when not needed. Rubber bumpers under the bottom seat grip the toilet to secure the seats and eliminate “wobbling”. In addition the Family Toilet Seat possesses the appearance of a variation of a standard toilet seat rather than an appearance of assistive technology.

Adjustable Bathroom Suites

Adjustable Bathroom Suites.
Lasco Bathware.

Lasco Bathware, Inc. — The suite consists of fixtures with flexible mountings and connections, which are readily adjusted to meet the demands of various users, achieving the best “fit” between the user and the environment. The sink and shower roll along the wall on runners and wall-mounted horizontal bars to create larger toileting, grooming, or showering areas, essentially providing any of three different “large” bathrooms in one small space. It opens up on demand for a variety of conditions, such as comfortable operation, simultaneous utilization by couples, easy use by large persons, or for caregivers to assist children or dependent adults. The fixtures also adjust in height for standing and sitting users and variations in stature or usage, locking securely in place to prevent unplanned movement. The Adjustable Bathroom design provides its users with comfort, choice, safety, and flexibility. The Adjustable Bathroom allows users to modify the fixture and spatial designs on demand as their needs change over time. They are able to personalize their bathroom environment. These bathrooms adjust with ease in order to meet the needs of a diverse population within a single location.


Power Designers.

The PowerCheq™ battery string equalizer from PowerDesigners Corporation approximately doubles the lifespan of batteries used on power wheelchairs and scooters while maintaining a higher level of performance over the life of the batteries. Battery replacement generally costs in excess of $200 and may not be covered by 3rd-party reimbursement. Improved battery performance (range, power delivery) should increase the user’s sense of safety, independence, access to challenging environments while decreasing the rate of in-use failures.

Power Wheelechair Products

Power Wheelechair Products.

The Power Wheelechair Products from Wavecrest Motors Corporation offers significantly improved range, power delivery and performance relative to the current generation of power wheelchair and scooter products (including products such as power assists). Improved motor performance (high efficiency over ‘all’ torques and speeds, efficient torque delivery at startup and over difficult terrain) increases the user’s sense of safety, independence and access to challenging environments. In addition, high motor efficiency over all torques and speeds should dramatically increase battery life, time between charge and range.

Lever Driven Manual Wheelchair

Lever Driven Manual Wheelchair.

The Lever Driven Manual Wheelchair from Helixsphere Inc. improves the ergonomics of manual wheelchair propulsion. This reduces the incidence of stress related injury to the user’s hands, wrist, and shoulder; delay transitioning from manual wheelchair to power wheelchair; help maintain upper body strength and long-term cardiovascular health; and improve the user’s self-image, access to difficult environments and independence.

Kinetic Seating System or KSS

Kinetic Seating System or KSS.
Uplift Technologies Inc.

The Kinetic Seating System is a dynamic posture system that seeks to extend the capabilities of a current wheelchair seating system by addressing the need for constant articulated motion. It is a modular design consisting of a seat base, seat back and leg rests. The KSS seat base moves as the wheelchair occupant makes slight postural changes thus reducing the pressure in areas prone to decubitus ulcers. The modular seat back of the KSS functions similar to an adjustable office chair because the user can flex their seat back and change their positioning. The retractable foot rests have a locking mechanism that permits them to be held in place at various angles relative to the seat base. 

Easy Seat

Easy Seat.

The Easy Seat is installed where there is insufficient space to place a regular chair. This device is anchored to a wall and can be easily folded down when needed. People who need to rest frequently, such as the elderly, will find the Easy Seat especially useful. The chair frame and armrests are made from poplar wood, and the 16-inch square seat contains a plastic insert. Easy Seat is easy to install and comes with all necessary hardware and instructions. 

Easy Pump

Easy Pump.

The Easy Pump is designed to assist the elderly and/or disabled in pumping gas. One roller pushes the pump lever up, while the other roller sits on top of the handle. This enables the user to pump gas by pressing down on the Easy Pump handle. This device simulates the action of an individual pumping gas by hand, making it possible for a person with limited fine motor control and/or hand strength to independently operate the gas pump nozzle. When not in use, the Easy Pump can be easily stored in the car. The handle is made out of wood and the rollers are nylon.

Refrigerator Door Opener

Refrigerator Door Opener.

The Refrigerator Door Opener helps people who do not have the strength to independently open a refrigerator door. This device provides leverage by allowing the user to pull the handle, which forces a nylon piece to push against the refrigerator. The magnetic seal holding the door shut is then released with little effort on the part of the user. It easily attaches to the door of any standard refrigerator with urethane tape (provided). The Opener works with both side-by-side and top-bottom refrigerator units.

VCR Loading Guide

VCR Loading Guide.

The VCR Videotape Guide is designed to assist a person with limited fine motor control and/or hand strength to insert a videotape into a VCR. The device consists of a metal cover with a chute, which guides the videotape into the VCR. Once the videotape is inserted, the chute can swing upward and rest on top of the cover, allowing easy access to the VCR controls. This device can be easily installed onto any standard VCR. The surface is non-toxic and has been treated with a baked-on finish to resist chipping and scratching.

Little Fingers Keyboard

Little Fingers Keyboard.

LittleFingers® is a fully functioning keyboard that has been scaled down to a 12.5-inch width to enhance young people’s ability to learn proper computing and keyboarding skills, and which also is appropriate for long-term use by some individuals with short stature. Already patented, it has won awards as the first keyboard designed especially for children’s hands, featuring key caps with lower case letters that are sized and spaced for kids’ keyboarding, user-definable function keys, and dual-purpose keys for enhanced usefulness. LittleFingers® comes in two versions, the Standard model with a number pad, and the Deluxe with a built-in three-button trackball.

Little Fingers Keyboard Keyguard

Little Fingers Keyboard Keyguard.
Turning Point Technology.

The Little Fingers Keyboard Keyguard is an overlay, placed over the top surface of the Little Fingers Keyboard to protect against damage from liquid spills, food, dust, dirt, & paper clips. The keyguard can be wiped with antibacterial spray to prevent transmission of germs. A non-glare, matte finish provides clear visibility of keyboard markings. In addition, keyguards help maximize access to computer equipment by providing physical access for those with limited or developing fine motor skills.

Magic Motion Lockset

Magic Motion Lockset.

The Magic Motion DoorknobTM lets you open the door without being required to twist the knob. It maintains the appearance and operation of a regular doorknob, but the knob can be pushed, pulled, or twisted to allow opening of a door. It was designed as an alternative for people with arthritis or people who have trouble opening the door. The knob can be pulled, pushed (or twisted) to release the bolt from the strike plate, allowing you to open the door. You can even bump the knob with your hip or knee.

BumpaColor Coloring Book

BumpaColor Coloring Book.
Tactile Vision.

The Bumpa Coloring Book is a coloring book that contains a set of raised line drawings. The raised lines allow children to “feel” the picture on the page, essentially helping them to color within the lines. A person with fine motor control difficulties or a child who is just learning to color will benefit from use of this product.   

Lids Off Automated Jar Opener

Lids Off Automated Jar Opener.
Black & Decker.

The Automated Jar Opener is an electrically operated, household kitchen appliance designed to assist all individuals with the task of opening jars. The device utilizes a motor driven gear system and a lid engaging unit to break the vacuum seal on a jar and unscrew the jar lid. The design is unique in that it features a minimal effort approach to opening jars. The Automated Jar Opener is designed to significantly reduce the amount of effort expended by all consumers especially children, disabled individuals, and the elderly in the opening of jars.

UpStop Wheelchair Braking System

UpStop Wheelchair Braking System.

The UpStop is a newly patented braking system for manual wheelchairs. The UpStop automatically engages a set of brakes separate from the wheelchair’s standard wheel locks when the occupant begins to exit, thus preventing the wheelchair from rolling forwards or backwards. When entering the wheelchair, the occupant’s weight is applied to a release arm located just under the wheelchair seat causing the braking system to disengage. This allows the wheelchair to move freely. When the occupant begins to exit the wheelchair, the weight is relieved from the release arm, causing the brake arm to engage. The brake arm provides a frictional force to the wheelchair tire that resists forward and backward motion. Falls and injuries by the elderly lacking the strength to fully engage wheelchair lever locks or those who just forget to do so are minimized.  


Innotech Systems, Inc.

The Accenda is a universal, programmable, interactive television remote control. Features include: hands free voice control or hand-held push button operation; EZ find sculpted buttons; voice prompts to talk you through set-up and operation; and backlit keys with large high contrast lettering. When a button is pushed, the Accenda will provide auditory feedback confirming the button that was pushed. It can be programmed to recognize voice commands from multiple users so that a person with low vision or a cognitive impairment can operate their television.  


Attainment Company Inc.

The MEDVOX is an Electronic Prescription Label Device that has been designed to provide the same information as the printed label but through auditory feedback. The MEDVOX device can easily be programmed and reprogrammed by a care provider or pharmacist. The MEDVOX can be attached to a variety of products including pill bottles, vitamin containers and other health care product containers. The MEDVOX consists of a programming base and one or more labels. The labels are attached to the containers and provide auditory feedback to the user with the press of a button on the label. The labels can only be programmed and reprogrammed by persons with a programming base, so fear of tampering with the message is eliminated.  

Halo Cups

Halo Cups.

The Halo Cup is a standard tumbler glass with additional support wrapping around the entire circumference of the base. It has been designed with wide-based stability to reduce the occurrence of accidental spills, as well as a nesting feature for stackable convenience. This halo-based design provides the same stability as a large based coffee mug, while the unique handles eliminate the need for gripping power. This product has been designed to fit well in small hands, those with grip strength problems, or tremors.  

Wheel Whiskers

Wheel Whiskers.

The Wheel Whiskers are an economical solution to eliminating the problem of debris collection on the hands of a manual wheelchair user. The “whiskers” are a set of abrasive brushes that slip over and attach to the wheel locks of any manual wheelchair. By wrapping around the top surface of a wheelchair wheel, they continuously clean the wheelchair wheels as they rotate. The brushes wipe off dirt, gravel, snow, or other debris one may encounter in their home, on the street, or in a public facility. The Wheel Whiskers are easily disengaged when not required. 


PCI Education.

The Coin-u-lator is a hand-held, coin-counting calculator that makes counting money fun and easy. This breakthrough invention in counting coins was patented by a special education teacher for students of all ages. The Coin-u-lator allows individuals of all abilities to add and subtract various denominations of coins while it teaches the different values of each coin. It can add or subtract any combination of coins and bills up to $99.99, and it has two different coin games. The battery operated device weighs approximately six-tenths of a pound and is specifically designed to fit comfortably into the palms of two hands or sit securely on a table top. A sturdy, high-quality plastic casing features the realistic coin and dollar buttons. An easy-to-read LCD screen clearly displays the status of the counting while unique sounds and an animated voice send immediate auditory feedback to the user. Users benefit significantly through visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation.

SABAH Ice Skates

SABAH Ice Skates.

SABAH Ice Skates — Riedell Shoes, Inc. Ice skates designed for people with Down Syndrome, clubbed feet or other structural abnormalities. Skates designed for skaters who wear ankle foot orthoses (AFO’s) or supra-malleolar orthoses (SMO’s) or reciprocating gait orthoses (RGO’s). 



PointSmart, by Infogrip, is the first mouse driver enhancement software that makes any mouse, trackball, touchpad, joystick or any other pointing device accessible for users with physical limitations. PointSmart allows you to slow down the speed of the cursor to a snails pace — great for users with poor motor control. PointSmart also includes Automatic Direction Control. This feature allows the user to touch or bump their pointing device in the direction they wish the cursor to move and PointSmart does the rest. The cursor will continue to move until the mouse is touched again and then it will stop. This feature is excellent for users that have very limited movement. With PointSmart you can even turn any mouse into a switch interface. Program your mouse clicks to do things like left, right and middle clicks, scroll up or down, click and drag, double click, space bar, tab, arrow keys and many more. You can even turn your mouse clicks off!

Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Technology Transfer (T²RERC).
Center for Assistive Technology.
University at Buffalo.