LOKUS Instrument

Level Of Knowledge Use Survey (LOKUS) Instrument

In order to compare the effectiveness of three strategies for communicating new research knowledge, the project required a web-based survey instrument capable of measuring levels of knowledge use and changes in those levels over time. No such instrument existed so the project dedicated time to the design, testing, validation and application of a new instrument called Level Of Knowledge Use Survey (LOKUS).

The LOKUS instrument creation process is thoroughly described in a peer-reviewed paper published in the journal SAGE Open Medicine, and is freely available via open access at the following link:

Stone, V.I., Nobrega, A.R., Lane, J.P., Tomita, M.R., Usiak, D.J., & Lockett, M.M. (2014). Development of a measure of knowledge use by stakeholders in rehabilitation technology. SAGE Open Medicine, 2. https://doi.org/10.1177/2050312114554331

The paper references but could not include the actual LOKUS instrument created and tailored to fit the study requirements, so both the document version and on-line version are available through the following links:

Stone, V. and Nobrega, A. (2013). The Level of Knowledge Use Survey (LOKUS) Instrument. (PDF(329 KB))

Stone, V. and Nobrega, A. (2013). The Level of Knowledge Use Survey (LOKUS) Instrument. (Online version(13 KB))

A series of three randomized controlled case studies assessing the comparative effectiveness of two interventions designed to communicate new knowledge to members of multiple stakeholder groups. All three cases generated by methods applied and replicated the design and procedures. They varied slightly depending on the AT area they addressed and on the corresponding stakeholders to whom the knowledge was communicated. Here follows the Contextualized Knowledge Packages (CKPs) and the Webcasts KT Intervention for these studies.