Variants to the NtK Model

The original Commercial Need to Knowledge (NtK) Model contains all of the activities and decisions necessary to generate technology-based products for the commercial marketplace, under 3 phases: Research, Development & Production.

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The commercial version was generated first because it represents the most extensive and complex process. However, we recognize that 3 additional versions of the NtK Model are necessary to represent non-commercial outcomes that may result from technology-oriented projects:

  1. Standards & Guidelines NtK Model — Practices, methods, processes or criteria adopted as convention by an industry group (standards), or by clinical practitioners (guidelines), either through formal agreement or as generally accepted norms.
  2. Instruments & Tools NtK Model — Any implement designed to perform a specific function especially of a delicate or precise nature to include data collection, storage, measurement, management or monitoring, as well as any materials analysis, manipulation or fabrication.
  3. Freeware NtK Model — Consists of either instructions to build a device (Do It Yourself), or an operational software program downloaded from host sites (App Store).

This project generated three variations to the original NtK Model, each tailored to requirements for generating the respective outcomes. In summary, all 3 variant NtK Models contain the same 3 Phases: Research/Discovery; Development/Prototype & Production/Product. The activities and decisions for the 3 Stages within the Research/Discovery Phase are largely unchanged: (1. Define Problem & Solution; 2. Scope Problem and Solution; 3. Conduct Primary and Secondary Research; Go/No Go to Development Phase). All three also share a modified Development/Prototype Phase that now contains 2 Stages: (4. Establish justification for creating intended outcome; 5. Implement plan to generate and test Alpha prototype). Finally, the Production/Product Phase for each variant now contains only 1 Stage (6. Finalize and Deploy Output).

Despite these similarities all three NtK Model variants diverge widely in terms of details regarding activity steps and decision criterion, based upon their unique capabilities, requirements and eventual deliverables.