Resources on Commercialization and Technology Transfer

Are you interested in developing and commercializing a new product or service? Are you looking to learn more about Technology Transfer?

Below is a sample of papers and presentations developed on the topics of commercialization and technology transfer by the Center on Knowledge Translation for Technology Transfer.

Information on New Product Development

Chronological Guide for Inventors

As an inventor or technology developer, there are several terms and processes that are helpful to understand. The Chronological Guide for Inventors takes you through a sample invention timeline and provides definitions, examples and resources to increase your chances of success.

How to Bring a Product to Market

Critical success factors for inventors & product developers of assistive technology.  

Focused Issue: State of the Science for Technology Transfer

Technology transfer elements model, product development process, knowledge translation model, research — development — product model, knowledge translation capabilities in advancing technology transfer, channels of awareness.

Delivering the "D" in R&D

Rehabilitation Act of 1973, case studies, development, transfer, prototype, technology, product, R&D, output, outcomes.

University and Corporate Collaborations

Corporate/University Collaborations in New Product Development

Process for collaboration, confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, scope of work, resources commitments, IP ownership agreements, mitigating obstacles, criteria for corporate collaborations.

University Based Technology Transfer

Patents and Trademarks Act, technology transfer metrics, companies, brokering, intellectual property, licensing, development.

University/Corporate Prtnerships

University and corporate collaboration, next generation mainstream consumer products, elderly, people with disabilities, corporations need for design function and feature input, consumers, new product development, examples.

Intellectual Property Ownership

Changes in US Patent Law:How it Affects Researchers/Inventors

America Invents Act, provisions, first inventor to file, confidential disclosures, intellectual property, patents, patent application process.

Intellectual Property Module

Patent, patent process, copyright, trademark, trade secret, first inventor to file.

Consumer Involvement in Product Development

Targeted Consumer Involvement: An Integral Part of Successful New Product Development

Participatory development, focus groups, purposive sampling, examples. Electronic version of an article published in Research‐Technology Management (RTM), Vol. 56, No 4 (2013), pp. 52-58. Available online

KT4TT: Knowledge Translation Embedded in Technology Transfer

Knowledge translation efforts, technology transfer process, early planning, stakeholder groups, collaboration, requirement analysis, target population, mixed focus groups, customer oriented materials.

Targeted Focus Groups in Product Development

Customer input, product research and development, consumer-based process, interactive, qualitative, quantitative, focus groups.

focus group

End consumers, product design, open ended questions, awareness of technology development.

Need to Knowledge Model Development Steps

The Need to Knowledge (NtK) model is a guide to innovation for technology-based commercial devices and services. It connects the academic research process with industry standards for new product development to improve the quality and relevance of applied research project outputs so that they are more likely to generate socio-economic outcomes and impacts.

The NtK includes 3 Phases — Discovery, Invention and Innovation — each with Activity Stages and Decision Gates. The NtK also includes opportunities to conduct knowledge translation to improve communication and information sharing between parties in academic, industry and government sectors.

Research, Development, Production
Interactive Game Board version of the NtK model
Need to Knowledge (NtK) Model

Technological innovation process, collaborative models of innovation, commercial innovations, 9 activity stages and 9 decision gates, example.

The "Need to Knowledge" Model: An operational framework for knowledge translations and technology transfer

Knowledge translation, technology transfer, research discovery, development invention, production innovation.

Licensing a Product

What Every AT Inventor Should Know about Commercializing their Invention

Commercialization, strategy, resources, corporate licensing partner, path to market, orphan product, mainstream product, patents, NDA, confidentiality agreements.

TTO Role in University/Corporate Partnership

University technology transfer office, intellectual property ownership, academic view, business view, licensing.

Lessons Learned in Technology Transfer from Dr. Gregg Vanderheiden and The Trace Research & Development Center

TT examples, TT funding, research and commercial viability gap, universal/inclusive design, five phase model, 10 laws of TT.