R&D Projects

Sue Arnold, Joe Lane, Vathsala Stone and Jen Flagg.

KT4TT staff meeting.

Since 1993 our team has won U.S. government funding through award competitions to address issues concerning R&D, technology transfer and commercialization for government-sponsored projects intending to generate beneficial socio-economic impacts.

We structure our outputs to help others achieve those impacts by focusing on related models, methods and metrics. For example, we explore the best practices applied to overcome expected barriers and to avoid creating unnecessary ones through applied research studies. We simultaneously create resources designed for reference, application and demonstration through development projects. We have also practiced what we preach and offer examples of our own accomplishments in translation, transfer and transactions over the past twenty years. The details about What we are exploring and creating, as well as evidence of what we have previously accomplished is all presented on subsequent pages.

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In an effort to assist government-sponsored scholars and entrepreneurs successfully launch products to the marketplace, we are conducting research on the key factors that impact success rate.
We assist government-sponsored scholars and entrepreneurs in their efforts to successfully launch products to the marketplace. We do this by generating core references and resources through various development projects.
We explore the related knowledge transformation processes of knowledge translation (KT), technology transfer (TT), and commercial transactions (CT) in the context of technology-based innovation.