Steps 6.1 through 6.4

Consider how these Standards/Guidelines may be adopted and used by other regulatory or professional agencies, beyond those targeted within this project.

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Step 6.1

Proceed with publication in electronic and/or paper format as appropriate.

Key question to answer in Stage 6: Does the new Standard/Guideline demonstrate utility through public deployment? ISO Publication Stage 60 includes 60.00 International Standard under publication; 60.60 International Standard published.

Step 6.2

Promote the publication of the newly available Standard/Guideline. 

Pursue relevant media, networks and partners to foster awareness, interest and use of newly published Standard/Guideline. Implementation may be identified through actions such as  professional group adoption, regulatory requirements (e.g., third party reimbursement), community advocacy or initiation of legal action (legislation or lawsuits).

Step 6.3

Monitor activity involving Standard/Guideline application, and respond to feedback from the field as necessary.

Some level of technical assistance or application guidance may be appropriate to ensure fidelity between intent and use in practice.

Step 6.4

Governing agency schedules periodic performance reviews. 

ISO Review Stage 90 involves 90.20 Periodic Review and 90.60 Close of Review.

Decision Gate 6

Post-Publication Review