Steps 5.1 through 5.4

Key question to answer in Activity Stage 5: Can the utility of the draft Standard/Guideline be tangibly demonstrated through laboratory simulation or through field trials?

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Step 5.1

Specify and test elements of alpha draft Standard or Guideline, to further refine Committee Draft (ISO 30.00).

Under ISO Standards, project commences Stage 30.00 Committee Draft registered and study initiated (30.20).

Step 5.2

Test parameters of draft Standard/Guideline under controlled lab conditions.

Perform in-house bench and lab testing according to established performance parameters.

Step 5.3

Make model revisions based on laboratory results, then conduct field tests or clinical trails of beta draft Standard/Guideline as required.

Assess barriers to Standard/Guideline adoption and use (e.g., expertise to administer and apply Standard or Guideline; lessons drawn from comparable cases found in search of existing standards/guidlines).

Step 5.4

 Finalize Committee Draft and submit to governing body for review and decision.

As a governing body example, ISO's Committee Stage decisions are: 30.99 Working Draft approved for registration as Draft Industry Standard; or 30.98 Project deleted. 

Decision Gate 5

Proceed to Innovation Phase — Produce, deploy and support the Standard or Guideline?