Steps 5.1 through 5.4

Key question to answer in Activity Stage 5: Can the utility of the prototype Instrument or Tool be tangibly demonstrated through laboratory and field trials?

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Step 5.1

Design and build alpha prototype model of Instrument or Tool.

Design/specify components, acquire and combine into 'proof of concept' functional prototype.

Step 5.2

Test Proof of Concept (alpha) prototype under controlled laboratory conditions.

Perform in-house bench and lab testing according to established performance parameters, including relevant national/international standards.

Step 5.3

Make model revisions based on laboratory results, then conduct field tests or clinical trials of beta prototype as required.

Address barriers to Instrument/Tool adoption and use (e.g., expertise to prepare, apply and analyze results from Instrument).

Step 5.4

Confirm final design and specifications for Instrument/Tool. Prepare and submit any intellectual property claims.

IP claim allows use by others, while ensuring others cannot invoke competing claims to prevent your control over use.

Decision Gate 5

Should the project continue and go to beta prototype testing? Proceed to Innovation Phase — Produce, deploy and support the Instrument or Tool?