Step 6.4

 Initiate production and launch product.

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Primary findings


Distribution of collaboration during the Product Launch Planning stage was manufacturer involvement (100%), user involvement (46%) and third-party involvement (69%).
Case study of seventeen medical equipment innovations marketed by 13 Dutch firms.
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Create and maintain high levels of integration between Marketing and Research & Development functions and product prototype development, product launch and cycle times will all have increased proficiency. Market forecast accuracy and technological core competency fit will also be improved with function integration. Be sure to implement integration at step 4.1.
Survey. A multiple regression analysis revealed significance between integration and: product prototype development proficiency (F=70.80); product launch proficiency (F=122.74); product development cycle time (F=13.84), market forecast accuracy (F=75.65); and technological core competency fit (F=39.64), all interactions significant at the p<.001 level.
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Designing Storage Facilities — storage and warehouse facilities involve processing of raw materials, semi-finished components and finished goods. The tasks include receiving, inspecting, storage, packaging, labeling and shipping. They consider these factors: — Physical similarity — items with similar characteristics are grouped together; — Functional similarity — functionally-related items are grouped together; — Popularity — frequency with which items are stored, accessed or retrieved. — Reserve stock separation — keeping reserve supplies apart form working stock.
Authors experience in industrial engineering, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Industrial Engineering.
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Develop and offer training programs
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Have technical NPD team member present during sales presentations
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Secondary findings


Launch Activities: Timing of the market launch is important to success or failure, due to competing products or market conditions.
Source: Cooper (1983). In: Calantone, R.J., diBenedetto, C.A. (1988)