Tip 9.3

  • Sustain engineering including identification of alternative components in case of discontinuance.

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Primary findings


Effectively recording information from a completed new product development project will positively impact the product prototype development and product launch of a future new product development project, when there is an effective integration of marketing and research and development during the new project.
Survey. Significant interactions were found between functional integration and recording of past projects and product prototype development proficiency (F=10.69, p<.001), product launch proficiency (F=21.15, p<.001), and technological core competency fit (F=7.89, p<.01).
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Secondary findings


Effective, accurate and timely knowledge management which involves the recording, retrieving, and reviewing of detailed information on past product development projects will affect performance of new product development projects.
Source: Lynn, Reily, and Akgun (2000); Lynn, Simpson, and Souder (1997); Lynn, Skov, and Abel (1999). In: Sherman, J. D., Berkowitz, D., & Souder, W. E. (2005)

Information from past product development projects needs to be classified, sorted and simplified in order to make it useful for current product development managers.
Source: Adams, Day, and Dougherty (1998). In: Sherman, J. D., Berkowitz, D., & Souder, W. E. (2005)

  • Review reasons why events occurred.
  • Review lessons learned from event and response.