Step 7.12

Initiate trial/limited production runs.

Primary Findings

Primary findings


Neglecting Risk Management: Low yields from pilot scale product demonstrations were rationalized with the proposal that the final production process design could engineer in the necessary improvements. A mistake generating severe financial penalties. Skipping development steps is a road to disaster. A launch & fix mindset increases not only costs, but also project timelines.
Conclusions drawn from case studies and experience.
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Distribution of collaboration during the Trial Production and Market Planning stages was manufacturer involvement (100%), user involvement (0%) and third-party involvement (21%).
Case study of seventeen medical equipment innovations marketed by 13 Dutch firms.
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Voice of the Customer Information as a Best Practice for the NPD process: 1) Market and buyer behavior studies are a valuable source of information for planning the market launch. 2) Market research as a tool to help define the product. 3) The customer or user ought to be an integral part of the Development process. 4) Identification of customers or users real or un-articulated needs and their problems, is considered fundamental to voice-of-the-customer research, and should be a key input to product design. 5) Working with highly innovative users or customers.
A quantitative survey of 105 business units, supported by team's experience in NPD modeling, consultation, application and analysis.
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