Design guide for aging and disability (ISO Guide 71/CEN/CENELEC Guide 6)

Competency Group: Universal Design

Type: Design

Description: Best designed products or services avoid the need for explanatory information. Instead, their appearance conveys important information, for example safety warnings  need to be available to all users of a product or service. This set of tables allow the design for the widest range of users, by examining how a product or service complies to clauses on information, packaging, materials, installation, user interfaces, maintenance, storage and disposal and the built environment. 

Citation for Description: Described by authors

Advantages: By using these various tables, an examination of how a product or service is compliant with accessibility standards.

Regulations: Tiresias. (2009). CEN Guide 6: Guidelines for standards developers to address the need of older persons and persons with disabilities. Retrieved from

Target Audience: Engineering and R&D

Relevant to Universal Design: Yes

Stages and Steps: 4.2, 5.1 

Free Resource: Tiresias. (2009). 7 Tables of factors to consider to ensure standards provide for accessible design. Retrieved from