Suh's design axiom

Competency Group: Business

Type: Marketing

Description: Axiomatic design is a systems design methodology that uses matrix methods to systematically analyze the transformation of customer needs into functional requirements, design parameters, and process variables. The method gets its name from its use of design principles or design Axioms (i.e., given without proof) governing the analysis and decision making process in developing high quality product or system designs.

Citation for Description: Axiomatic design. (2010). Retrieved from Wikipedia,

Advantages: Very useful tool for translating the voice of the customer into design parameters.

Limitations: Requires expertise in the area for proper implementation.

Target Audience: Top management, Marketing, R&D

Relevant to Universal Design: Yes

Stages and Steps: 4.11

Free Resource: Mader, D. P. (2005). Axiomatic Design and DFSS. Retrieved from Quality Progress website:

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