Internal idea capture system

Competency Group: Business

Type: Competative Research

Description: An Internal Idea Management System is a structured and disciplined approach to managing innovation, where ideas are systematically filtered so that only the most valuable ones are implemented and put into practice. These systems can be used internally to gather ideas from a project team, or externally to gather ideas from customers.

Citation for Description: MacKinnon, L. (2007). What is an idea management system? Retrieved from Idea Management Systems,

Units: Idea importance structure

Advantages: Enables contributors to concentrate on ideas which possibly have the most value to the company.

Limitations: Some very good ideas can get lost in translation, and some contributors may find the task unfair and daunting.

Target Audience: Top management, Marketing, R&D

Relevant to Universal Design: Yes

Stages and Steps: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

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