Need to Knowledge (NtK) Model Case Examples.

NtK Model Case Examples

Pill Crusher.

 Pill Crusher

Line Butler.

Caller Connect

Refrigerator Door Opener.

Refrigerator Door Opener

Lids Off Jar Opener.

Lids Off Jar Opener 

Tupperware Children’s Healthy Eating System.

Tupperware Children’s Healthy Eating System

White Rodgers Thermostat.

White Rodgers Thermostat 

UpStop Wheelchair Braking System.

UpStop Wheelchair Braking System

Point Smart Software.

Point Smart Software



The following case examples highlight the way NtK Model steps have been carried out to commercialize actual products. Each case offers information regarding the project background, how we operationalized the NtK steps, and the ultimate results. Where available, links have been included to sites where products can be purchased. Scroll through the cases to see how the Center on KT4TT (formerly the Technology Transfer Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center — T2RERC) has approached each of the NtK Model’s steps.

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