Client Services


The Center for Assistive Technology provides computer assessment and training services in the use of assistive technology in Western New York in the following areas:

  1. School-aged children
  2. College and Career-Oriented Individuals
  3. Individuals with Vision Impairments


  • CAT houses a wide variety of the latest assistive technology and computer hardware and software.
  • An interdisciplinary team with expertise in assistive technology is assembled from the fields of occupational therapy, rehabilitation engineering, vocational rehabilitation counseling, and special education.
  • The consumer is introduced to the capabilities of the computer for use as a tool in pursuing educational or vocational goals, environmental control and leisure activities.
  • The team assesses the consumer's functional abilities and matches those abilities to specific assistive technology that allow for independent use.
  • Computer peripherals and assistive technology devices are selected for trial, based on individual needs and interests within the appropriate environments.
  • The team then makes a recommendation for specific computer hardware, software and assistive technology to meet those needs.
  • The Center also provides equipment setup, customization and training in the use of the computer, recommended devices and software as well as technical support.